Customized Residential Pass Thru Window For Mounting On Countertops Launched

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OpenUp Windows, a designer and manufacturer of pass-thru windows, has new customizable options for its residential clients.

As OpenUp Windows exclusively makes gas strut flip-out windows, they are constantly updating and improving their models with new advantageous features. Now, the window makers are proud to announce that can offer their clients more ways to customize their new pass thru window to ensure that it matches their home design scheme, works functionally in their space, and suits all their other needs.

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Key innovative new features that OpenUp Windows has developed include their single-handle easy locking system and their new three sides frame design. As most homeowners want their pass thru windows to be mounted on countertops or tabletops, this design ensures that there will be no break in the existing countertop.

OpenUp Windows believes this is both an aesthetic advantage and a functional one. It is also a point of distinction between their gas strut flip-out model and other popular home window styles like open up/down and sliding countertop windows, which generally require a frame or break of some kind to be inserted into the countertop.

The window makers’ three-sided frame also speaks to their minimalist design style, which they believe works best with most modern homes.

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In terms of customization, new options that homeowners can choose from include the shape and size of their window, the handle and window frame color and finish, and whether they want to add an insect screen.

As standard, all of OpenUp Windows’ windows are made with high-quality, durable, and sustainable materials and come with tempered glass with UV protection coating.

OpenUp Windows works with homeowners who are undertaking home renovation projects and who are in the midst of having a new home built. In both cases, their experienced design team can help to offer insights on where best to place a gas strut flip-out window to maximize space and indoor/outdoor living potential.

A spokesperson for the window designers and manufacturers said, “Features meet functionality with our carefully constructed windows that have been thoughtfully designed to invite many years of meals, conversations, and memories, and to ensure optimal aesthetics on your countertop.”

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