Bird-Friendly Dark French Roast Coffee For French Press: Collection Updated

Photo of author, an online retailer of specialty coffee, has expanded its collection of dark French roast coffee for the French press.

Following the expansion, GoCoffeeGo LLC has added to its extensive collection of dark French roast coffee. Like many of the coffee blends available on GoCoffeeGo’s website, the blends in this collection are sourced from award-winning coffee vendors.

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The blends included in GoCoffeeGo’s newest collection of French roast brews are bird-friendly. The release of this collection coincides with growing awareness of the environmental impact of commercial coffee plantations.

As the name implies, bird-friendly coffee plantations protect the natural habitat of birds and other wildlife. Unlike standard coffee farms, bird-friendly plantations maintain native trees and shrubs, promoting biodiversity in the local ecosystem. The coffee plants are grown in the shade of natural vegetation, which results in less erosion, leading to better soil quality and less water loss. As a result, bird-friendly coffee is an eco-friendly alternative to conventionally grown coffee.

The artisan blends available in GoCoffeeGo’s French roast collection are sourced from specialty roasters. Customers can choose from a wide variety of coffees, ranging from the heavy and rich to the mellow and mild.

Customers who want a particularly dark roast can opt for Ghost Town Coffee Roasters’ signature Bold Blend, which is a rich, organic blend with chocolate and spicy notes. For customers who prefer a more mellow flavor, GoCoffeeGo offers Thanksgiving Coffee’s Noyo Harbor French Roast, which contains distinctly smoky notes with hints of roasted nuts and fruit.

The blends in this collection are ideal when brewed using a French press, which preserves the natural flavor of the oils in the coffee grinds. However, the grinds are available for percolator, espresso, and other brewing methods as well.

GoCoffeeGo LLC was founded in 2008. The website offers customers over 1,000 coffee blends sourced from 32 different award-winning roasteries.

A satisfied customer said: “While I was exploring the web for a site that would offer different sources of coffee, I came across GoCoffeeGo. Their site is well organized and easy to use. They carry coffee from many different suppliers and have good descriptions that enable me to make a purchase decision to experiment with new and different coffees, as well as track the most popular coffees. This is my first time trying them, and I am very satisfied.”

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