Custom POD Merch Printing & Fulfillment For Ecom Beginners, DFY Service Expanded

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10XEcomBiz has expanded its merchandise printing and fulfillment automation services for aspiring and established e-commerce companies.

With the expansion, the agency enables e-commerce professionals to add over 30 different product types to an expertly-designed branded merchandise store and streamline their custom-printed apparel operations.

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10XEcomBiz’s packages now include custom print-on-demand merchandising and fulfillment automation tools, as well as ‘done-for-you’ e-commerce web design services. Clients can sell products such as custom-designed t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and children’s clothes available in various sizes and colors. The top-tier packages extend to bracelets, necklaces, dog tags, and pendants, alongside uniquely designed footwear, tote bags, and mugs.

Moreover, with its fulfillment automation tools, 10XEcomBiz can deliver branded apparel and accessories straight to customers using its network of the nation’s best on-demand printing companies and fulfillment partners. Additionally, the company will provide e-commerce entrepreneurs and store owners with analytics reports and access to a support desk that can help them pursue their growth goals.

“Our expert teams have over 10+ years of experience designing Print On Demand merchandise in a wide range of industries”, a spokesperson for the company said.

The starter package is ideal for those new to the e-commerce industry. Clients in this tier can choose a custom cart theme and will receive site setup and logo design. Popular among e-commerce companies aspiring for growth, the professional package features premium merch options including jewelry and footwear. It offers full site configurations, logo creations, product mockups, variation images, and up to 10 branded product lines.

The top-tier corporation package was created to support corporate, fundraising, and charity campaigns and provides access to the most comprehensive level of the printing platform. As such, e-commerce companies that choose this option can connect their store to directly Etsy, Amazon, and Shopify, reaching thousands of potential customers and maximizing their visibility.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Depending on what package you choose, we work within your industry vision. We take your concepts and turn them into passion items your audience will love to purchase from you.”

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