Mulberry Silk Oxford Pillowcases, Pure 25 Momme King & Queen Collection Updated

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Mayfairsilk, a London-based bedding and home accessories company that specialises in silk products, has updated its selection of mulberry silk Oxford pillowcases.

Like all of their products, the newest of Mayfairsilk’s Oxford-style all-natural pillowcases are made from pure mulberry silk. The pillowcases come in UK standard and UK super king sizes, and they are all designed in London.

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With the latest announcement, Mayfairsilk aims to highlight the sustainability and health benefits of pure silk bedding. The production of mulberry silk is more environmentally friendly than that of other textiles; the process emits 400 times less carbon than cotton production and doesn’t require the use of pesticides. Furthermore, each step of the process yields renewable by-products that can be recycled for other uses.

Because silk doesn’t wick moisture in the same way other fabrics do, a silk pillowcase will preserve the natural oils in the skin and hair, leading to fewer wrinkles and tangles. A 25-momme pillowcase yields the best results, as it contains the ideal thickness and silk per inch to provide optimal comfort and durability, says the company. Silk is also an antibacterial and hypoallergenic material, so it will not attract dust mites or other allergens and pollutants as readily as other textiles.

Mayfairsilk’s Oxford pillowcases are made from high-quality Grade 6A 25-momme silk, making them nearly twice as long-lasting as the more commonly available 19-momme pillowcases.

Unlike Mayfairsilk’s housewife pillowcases, their Oxford pillowcases are sewn with a decorative border around the edge. Each pillowcase is handcrafted by an artisan and comes with a unique matte finish, allowing it to stand out as a bedroom feature. The most popular choice in Mayfairsilk’s store is the ivory Oxford pillowcase with grey, embroidered piping, followed by the ivory Oxford pillowcase with ivory piping and the ivory and oyster-grey pillowcase, but other designs are also available.

About Mayfairsilk

Mayfairsilk prides itself on the quality of its all-natural silk products and is committed to providing its customers with high-grade, ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly bedding and home accessories.

“We are all about the minimal aesthetic, so our pure silk Oxford pillowcases are in a simple style with little enhancements,” says Marcus Ubl, co-founder of Mayfairsilk. “We focus on the quality of the silk, the stitching, the packaging, and the overall customer experience.”

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