Sustainable Production For New Clothing Lines: Fashion Networking Space Expanded

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Female-owned and female-run fashion networking platform, Fashion Index, has expanded its online platform for entrepreneurs and designers to help them find and connect with sustainable production facilities to create their new clothing lines.

With this recent expansion, the team behind the platform wants to provide an easy-to-navigate avenue for emerging brands, designers, and entrepreneurs to connect with the best production facilities and companies for their unique clothing lines. Through the online platform, users can search for 3D patternmakers, sustainable fabrics and trims, factories using sustainable practices, third-party warehouses (3PLs), and more.

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The company anticipates this new offering will encourage more emerging fashion brands to utilize their account-based, easy-to-use networking platform to connect with the companies, facilities, and people they need to create a sustainable and consistent production system for their clothing lines. By creating a no-cost account, businesses can search the Fashion Index platform using various search filters including sustainability, fair trade, production volume, location, product type, target market, years in business, and more.

Taking the initial ideas for a new clothing line and generating quality prototype pieces from them is a major step in creating a new fashion line. Entrepreneurs then need to generate an inventory from these prototypes that they can take to market. However, locating and connecting with the most appropriate facilities and companies that meet an entrepreneur’s budget, quality, volume, and style needs can be challenging and time-consuming. For companies specifically requiring sustainable production practices, this challenge is heightened even more.

Fashion Index is dedicated to providing an easily searchable database for emerging fashion entrepreneurs to connect with all the resources required for successfully launching their clothing lines, from knits to woven, innerwear to outerwear and everything in between, in one online space. Entrepreneurs can search through the many sustainable production facilities and companies listed on the Fashion Index platform, view their profiles to see if they are an appropriate fit, and contact them through the platform.

The platform also offers an extensive listing of coaches, consultants, and production managers with industry expertise who have a variety of aesthetics and business connections. Users can filter the listings for production managers by their commitment to sustainability practices and fair trade.

About Fashion Index

Founded by two female fashion industry experts, Fashion Index strives to be a one-stop shop for all fashion industry needs. The company’s networking platform connects fashion businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers through an easily searchable listing database. Fashion Index also provides relevant educational articles on a variety of topics, including upcycling and AI fashion design, through its original blog series available on the website.

“Fashion Index is the future of “HOW TO CONNECT” in the fashion industry,” said one satisfied Fashion Index user. “Everyone can participate in so many different ways. Everything is centralized and so easy to find. I am so happy to have discovered Fashion Index because it has helped me to find great companies to work with.”

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