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Photo of author has announced the launch of a website devoted to providing small businesses with information on how to establish online visibility amid the emergence of AI. seeks to help small businesses improve their visibility on search engines, which are now undergoing rapid transformation due to AI. The solution it offers is establishing a presence on high-authority websites, stating that it can achieve greater visibility and keep pace with AI-based search engines.

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“As chatbot technologies like Google Bard and ChatGPT continue to evolve, the way people search for information and interact with businesses is changing dramatically,” the company stated on the website.’s answer to these developments is hyper-local advertising, which targets the unique needs, interests, and preferences of potential customers in a specific geographic area. It explained that Hyper-local ads are proving to be more relevant and more precisely targeted than social media and paid ad campaigns.

Moreover, it found that hyper-local advertising can produce higher engagement rates, superior ROI, and more conversions than conventional advertising. Furthermore, it helps small businesses create strong relationships with their local communities and build better customer loyalty than they would with social media and generic paid ads.

To help business owners perform hyper-local advertising at scale, links to a service that automates the creation of specialized and publishing on high-authority sites. “By optimizing your online presence for local search and getting published on reputable websites, you can significantly increase your chances of being featured in future iterations of ChatGPT and Google Bard,” it explained.

It further stated that with this service, small businesses can get fresh traffic from sources they were previously unaware of, in addition to getting brand recognition via some of the world’s most influential publications. was founded in Phoenix, Arizona, and serves a global customer base, with the mission to help small businesses build an online presence amid an evolving online space driven by innovations in AI.

“We’re experts in content marketing and artificial intelligence,” says founder Josh Whitfield. “We take great care to craft content with meaning and purpose, while generating new traffic to your website. We use AI to reduce costs, drive optimal SEO, and produce a greater ROI for our customers.”

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