Montreal Certified Medical Aesthetician Course & Coolsculpting Training Launched

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Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy (647-247-2481) has launched a new training program for high school grads in Montreal that covers everything required to become a certified medical aesthetician, with experience in all of the most common procedures.

The new courses launched by Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy take advantage of the organisation’s partnered clinics, to help new students get real-world experience with actual clients.

More information about Dermysk Academy, the full list of available courses, and the details about the hands-on training can be found at

Following the announcement, Dermysk Academy offers a range of training programs, including a Basics course that is intended for recent high school grads, or those looking to start a new career in medical aesthetics. At the completion of each course, students will be certified, experienced, and comfortable performing a wide range of popular aesthetic procedures.

Though each student follows the same curriculum, the Academy uses a unique approach that lets each student learn at their own pace and complete the course when they are ready. To do this, each available course combines online learning modules that can be completed at home, with either in-class learning or hands-on training.

The Academy welcomes all students to its Basics course, with at least a high school diploma, or some form of relevant work experience. To access more advanced courses and treatments such as Cool Sculpting, students will be asked to show either that they have a sufficient number of years working in the industry, or that they have already completed the previous level of training.

New students in the Basics course will learn about the biology of skin and hair care, how medical aesthetic tools and procedures can be used to provide advanced levels of care, and how to perform up to a dozen common treatments. This can include acne treatments, laser hair or tattoo removal, chemical peels, and radiofrequency skin rejuvenation.

Students can access up to 6 courses through the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy, which covers Basic, Advanced, and Master level medical aesthetic treatments and business strategies, as well as several courses on injectable cosmetics. A full list of courses, treatments, and requirements can be found on the academy’s website.

Though each course includes online learning components, Dermysk Academy team also works with each student through hands-on training to ensure that they are confident and capable in each treatment before they are certified.

One satisfied student explained, “The flexible and customized curriculum helped me develop my potential and achieve success in the industry.”

More information about the Dermysk Academy in Montreal, other locations across Canada, and the full list of available courses can be found at