Savannah RV Internet On-The-Go | No Contract 4G Portable WiFi Launched

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RV enthusiasts in Georgia and Florida can receive no contract 4G internet on the road with Spacelink Installs’ (844-WiFi-Man) newly launched Spacelink WiFi service. The portable devices arrive already activated to ensure a smooth and easy setup for RVers.

The new internet service offers nationwide coverage across the US by accessing Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile cell towers. The devices automatically shift to the strongest 4G LTE provider in the area as the customers travel, thus maintaining a continuous high-speed internet service.

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The new Spacelink WiFi service launched as a recent survey showed that RV use has increased substantially since 2020. Over 80% of RV users took their tech with them when they traveled, with 84% reporting the need for a reliable internet connection. Surprisingly, 59% of respondents also worked from their RV – which contributed to the high demand for a WiFi service which is compatible with the traveling lifestyle, explains Spacelink Installs.

Designed to be flexible to fit the shifting needs of RV users, the internet plans are no contract and can be changed to accommodate upgrades or downgrades to monthly data requirements between 25 to 800GB.

Each portable router can connect up to 32 devices for streaming, gaming, video messaging and other internet usage.

The ordering and set up process has been streamlined to provide fast, ready-to-go WiFi service . Each device is fully activated on arrival and only needs to be powered on to start providing full coverage. Spacelink Installs’ portable internet provision aims to keep RVers, farmers, campers, travelers, boat marinas, hunters, fishermen, and truckers connected with their families whilst on the road.

“I have an RV and take annual road trips across the country,” explains one satisfied customer. “I now get stronger and more reliable WiFi on my trips than ever before. It’s worked in every state I’ve passed through and made my trip much more comfortable.”

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The team at Spacelinks Installs have been serving the residents of south Georgia and north Florida for over 20 years. Trusted professional installers of satellite TV and internet, they are the designated Starlink service contractor for the region.

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