Austin Bankruptcy Attorney Amy Wilburn Shares Reasons Why Chapter 13 Fails

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Amy Wilburn, a bankruptcy lawyer at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, shares several factors that can lead to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy dismissal.

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law’s Austin bankruptcy lawyer Amy Wilburn talks about why Chapter 13 bankruptcies fail. While this type of bankruptcy is ideal for those who have a steady income, there are still instances when they don’t work out.

In a recently uploaded video on Lincoln-Goldfinch Law’s Facebook page, Amy shares several reasons for this. One is the failure to regularly make the planned payments. She emphasizes the importance of following the payment schedule and how neglecting a month of meeting these obligations can result in the dismissal of a bankruptcy case.

Amy also tackles other factors including changes in the debtor’s financial situation, the lack of funds, and the importance of filing relevant documents such as the Domestic Support Obligation Certification. Additionally, she highlights the importance of completing a financial management course before the end of a Chapter 13 plan.

Amy further stresses the importance of paying attention to these factors and how crucial it is to work with a bankruptcy attorney when filing for Chapter 13. She elaborates on how an experienced bankruptcy lawyer ensures that the payment plan is followed and all the necessary requirements are met.

Amy is a seasoned bankruptcy lawyer from Lincoln-Goldfinch Law. She graduated from Seattle University School of Law in 2014 and has been helping individuals navigate the complex process of bankruptcy since then. Amy provides legal advice to guide clients and offers compassionate and strategic solutions to individuals dealing with financial troubles.

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law is an award-winning bankruptcy firm based in Texas. The firm caters to people’s individual needs, helping them manage their finances and navigate through bankruptcy. The experienced attorneys at the firm are dedicated to providing legal advice to help people get past the obstacles that bankruptcy entails.

Bankruptcy lawyers at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law understand the difficulty of going through financial troubles and believe that those who do deserve a fresh start. Whether it’s for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, the firm is ready to help clients every step of the way.

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