Criminal & Employment Background Checks, Job Candidate Screening Service Expands

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Choice Background Checks, a job candidate screening service, has expanded the scope of its searches to help companies hire trustworthy employees with clean backgrounds.

By updating its screening services, the company helps employers uncover any past indiscretions that may make a potential employee unsuitable for a position. Its search team will review criminal, civil, educational, and employment records to ensure an applicant has nothing to hide.

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The recently expanded search options include criminal background checks at the federal, state, and county level. Choice Background Checks determines if a candidate has had any misdemeanor or felony convictions in the past seven years and also checks national registries for any sex crime or child abuse convictions.

If a potential employee will be working with a company’s or client’s finances, civil, bankruptcy, and credit checks are also important. To help organizations assure that their new workers can be trusted, the screening agency generates a credit report that assesses an applicant’s financial responsibility and highlights any potential motivation for the misuse of funds.

Even if they do not suspect past indiscretions, employers are still recommended to do their due diligence to verify the information provided on a resume or CV. Choice Background Checks will make sure a candidate’s social security number is valid, confirm an applicant’s educational history, and find any inconsistencies between the information provided on an application and statements from prior employers.

The company conducts general pre-employment searches that are useful for any type of business, and its analysts can also perform industry-specific searches. For example, an employer hiring nurses may want to search records from the Healthcare Integrity & Protection Data Bank, the National Practitioner Data Bank, the Health & Human Services Office, and the Department of Health & Human Services.

Choice Background Checks screens tenants, employees, investors, volunteers, and more, creating custom reports to suit a customer’s needs and budget, and it promises fast, accurate results.

A satisfied client said, “Using Choice Background Checks for screening my employees has been easy and thorough. The reports are detailed and efficiently processed. I recommend using Choice Background Checks for all of your employee screening needs.”

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