Plano, TX Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment: Appliance For Easy Breathing Update

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Advanced dental clinic Millennium Smiles (972-987-4899) announces updates to its obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment services, now available for clients in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, and surrounding areas.

The practice now offers cone-beam computed tomography scans, designed to assess airway function for clients who experience symptoms of OSA. Following confirmation in a professional sleep lab, clients also have access to an improved selection of custom-fitted oral appliances, designed to address specific causes of OSA.

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While continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices are still available, Millennium Smiles explains that some patients find them difficult to use, limiting the success of treatment. With the recently introduced oral appliances, the practice offers a more comfortable and flexible alternative, with the goal of fully resolving symptoms for a greater number of clients.

As OSA usually causes lower blood oxygen levels, the condition can lead to more serious long-term health effects, such as high blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, or diabetes. In addition to loud snoring, symptoms can include restless sleep, excessive daytime fatigue, mood disturbances, and difficulty concentrating.

While OSA is relatively common, Millennium Smiles points out that diagnosis and treatment rates remain comparatively low, presenting an ongoing public health concern. The latest updates are designed to help identify OSA at the earliest possible stage, with more advanced oral appliances also aimed at improving treatment outcomes.

“While CPAP has been used to treat sleep apnea for decades to great effect, many people have difficulty using it,” a clinic representative explained. “Oral appliances work in different ways to help relieve sleep apnea symptoms, such as by holding your tongue forward or by repositioning the lower jaw. Our custom-fitted appliances are adjustable over time, more comfortable, and more reliable than off-the-shelf models.”

About Millennium Smiles

In addition to OSA, Millennium Smiles offers advanced technologies for diagnosing and treating temporomandibular joint disorders, which are often linked to nighttime breathing problems. The clinic also offers routine and 24/7 emergency dentistry from its Main Road and Lebanon Road offices.

“Everything about my experience at Millennium Smiles was amazing,” one patient recently stated. “I called to schedule an appointment, as I was in pain, and they were so kind and quick to fit me in. I’m usually very scared to go to the dentist, but I have never had such a relaxing dental treatment before.”

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