KD College Prep Experts Provide Guidance on Early Application Deadlines

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KD College Prep’s college counseling programs provide guidance on whether students should choose to apply early at competitive colleges.

KD College Prep’s college counseling programs provide guidance on whether students should choose to apply early at competitive colleges.

For the Class of 2027, Brown University reported a 10-percent increase in early applications, while Dartmouth College reported a 14-percent increase. The University of Notre Dame saw a total of 11,163 early applications, up 15 percent compared to the previous year.

For competitive colleges that release early admissions data, a clear trend of greater selectivity continued in the most recent round of applications. Some colleges reported record-low acceptance rates for early admissions rounds, including Duke University, Dartmouth University, Brown University, and Yale University. However, reported statistics over the past few years show that early admissions acceptance rates at these colleges still remain higher than overall admissions rates.

The two most popular types of early application deadlines at top-ranked colleges are early decision and restrictive early action. Students who choose to apply during an early decision deadline make a binding agreement that they will not apply early to another college and will attend upon acceptance. Students who apply at a restrictive early action deadline agree to only apply to one college during the early admissions rounds.

With college counseling services, students consult with KD College Prep’s admissions experts on whether applying early is their best option based on factors such as schedule, college list, level of preparedness, and more. For students who decide to apply early, counselors help prepare a complete and reviewed application (including essay and/or personal statement) in time for early admissions deadlines. College counseling services include the Pinnacle™ Program, the Apply Now! Boot Camp™, and Select Sessions™.

“The most important take-away for students considering applying early decision is to understand that they will be competing with the best of the best applicants. Only those who are prepared to showcase their best selves, both academically and personally, will be competitive. Just applying early gives the unprepared no advantage,” says David Dillard, CEO of KD College Prep.

KD College Prep is a test prep and college counseling company with four campuses across Dallas-Fort Worth. Since 1992, the organization has served more than 79,000 students across 38 states through its live-online and in-person test prep tutoring and admissions consulting programs.

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