1-on-1 Day Trading Mentorship for Amateur Traders, Technical Analysis Update

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My Investing Club (MIC) has announced updates to their technical analysis trading resources as part of their mentorship program.

The recently updated mentorship program teaches beginner traders technical analysis, which is the practice of evaluating stocks based on price trends and charts. Students who take advantage of the one-on-one mentorship learn from professional traders who will teach them how to apply technical analysis in their day trading.

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MIC’s mentorship program helps amateur traders understand and master the stock market faster. The Club emphasizes the importance of approaching the stock market methodically and encourages traders to minimize risk and focus on small, consistent wins. This gives them get a better grasp of the movements within the stock market.

In MIC’s one-on-one mentorship, will learn how to mitigate risk, interpret market data, and use technical analysis. With unlimited voice and video conferences, they can discuss trading strategies with their mentors, ask for advice about a particular stock, and learn what to look for when deciding which ones to trade.

MIC also offers a learning management platform, where members can find on-demand videos, guides, and materials on all aspects of trading. All lessons are taught by experienced and successful day traders.

The online trading community explains that getting reliable information is one of the biggest challenges that beginner traders face. As such, they seek to provide beginners with all the necessary information to start day trading and perform consistently in any market cycle.

Aside from the one-on-one mentorship program, the Club has a podcast called MIC After Hours where they invite traders who succeeded using MIC’s trading strategies to talk about their experiences. In a recent episode, the guest spoke about how he achieved consistency by learning to read the market and minimizing risk with every trade.

“When I joined MIC, my mind was completely clear. If you’re joining MIC, I think, just forget about everything that you’ve learned so far. And just start from the beginning and trust your lines to like, it’s as simple as that,” said an MIC member.

More information is available at https://myinvestingclub.com/how-did-amin-find-mic-his-journey-to-becoming-a-moderator/

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