Nashville WiFi 4G LTE Internet Router & Portable Hotspot For Rural Areas Launch

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Telecommunications services provider Spacelink Installs LLC (844-WiFi-Man) announces the launch of its new WiFi 4G Home LTE Internet Router.

Spacelink Installs’ newly launched WiFi 4G Home LTE Internet Router provides high-speed Internet connectivity across the United States, including all rural areas. The device offers affordable and reliable web access solutions with no contract or credit check requirements.

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The easy-to-install device uses Ethernet cables and 6 external antennas (4 WiFi and 2 LTE) to filter through the nation’s top 4G networks and determine which offers the strongest signal in a particular area. Once identified, the new device automatically connects to that network, ensuring that coverage remains stable and consistent at all times.

“Our device lets you stay connected wherever you are in your home,” said a spokesperson for the company. “You can surf, stream, video chat, or game without the fear of a dropped connection. The WiFi 4G Home LTE Internet Router also allows for up to 32 devices to be connected, so everyone in your family can enjoy stress-free access.”

For customers who are on the go, Spacelink Installs also offers the Portable Wireless LTE Hotspot . This device has many of the same features as the WiFi 4G Home LTE Internet Router but with no boxes, routers, or wires, making it ideal for mobile users. Customers who use the Portable Wireless LTE Hotspot also incur no surprise roaming fees while traveling.

“I take annual road trips across the country in my RV,” said a satisfied customer. “The Portable Wireless LTE Hotspot has worked in every state I’ve passed through and I’m getting stronger and more reliable WiFi than ever before. It’s made my trips much more comfortable.”

Monthly data plans for both the WiFi 4G Home LTE Internet Router and the Portable Wireless LTE Hotspot start at 25 GB and go up to 800 GB. Plans reset on the first of each month and can be upgraded mid-cycle by paying the difference between plans. All devices come activated and are ready to install.

About Spacelink Installs

Spacelink Installs has been providing customers with satellite TV and Internet services in south Georgia and North Florida for over twenty years. In addition to Spacelink WiFi, they also offer access to SpaceX’s Starlink and HughesNet.

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