Albany, GA 4G Wi-Fi Portable Hotspot For RVs: No-Contract Internet Launch

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Spacelink Installs (844-WiFi-Man), a satellite TV and internet installation company serving southern Georgia and North Florida, now offers a Wi-Fi installation option for Recreational Vehicle (RV) owners around Albany, GA.

Following the announcement, mobile home owners in rural areas can now make use of the company’s easy-to-install LTE router to enjoy high-quality 4G LTE Wi-Fi Internet.

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Spacelink Installs’ newly launched Wi-Fi routers enable RV enthusiasts to access fast, reliable Wi-Fi Internet at any time and any place. In addition, Spacelink Installs offers affordable prices on its products, with no contracts or credit checks required.

RV owners can enjoy the benefits of Spacelink Installs’ Wi-Fi routers with three simple steps: they only need to order their device, power it on once it arrives, and connect it to Wi-Fi. They will be then provided with a reliable Internet connection whether they are either stationary or on the road, without having to worry about roaming fees.

One satisfied customer said, “The setup is a dream. I had budgeted a whole morning to set up a new network, but it ended up taking me about 15 minutes total, from opening the box to having every phone working.”

Spacelink Installs’ Wi-Fi routers provide users who are RV owners with portable wireless LTE hotspots, which means they won’t have to struggle with cable boxes or wires. The company has collaborated with Simo Connect to use their cloud SIM technology to automatically connect users’ devices to the strongest available signal in their area. In addition, users can choose data plans from high-quality networks like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

About Spacelink Installs

For more than 20 years, Spacelink Installs’ veteran professionals have been providing Internet, cable, and satellite installation services to homes and businesses in southern Georgia and North Florida. They have completed thousands of jobs across a wide variety of applications.

The company is also the designated contractor for Starlink’s satellite internet service in the region. This system allows families in rural areas to enjoy unlimited high-speed, low-latency service on customized payment plans. It also frees them from reliance on lower-quality ground services, so high-data uses, like using email and streaming, are equally accessible.

The team can cover all aspects of SpaceX Starlink installation, including cable routing and cutting, drilling, mount types, grounding systems, fastening supplies, and more. Most installations are completed within two hours.

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