No Contract Customer Loyalty Program For Businesses For Repeat Sales Announced

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As the cost of acquiring a new customer becomes increasingly expensive, Carson Services, Inc. introduces an updated loyalty program to help businesses retain their existing customers.

Rewardical is designed to drive customer engagement, increase sales, and reward customers for coming back to a client’s business. It features a unique pay-per-action model that allows business owners to pay for only completed orders.

More details about Carson Services, its pay-per-order system, and how the program works can be found at

Rewardical’s impressive network of 11.4 million members and over 3,000 locations for redeeming tokens is a testament to its effectiveness. Businesses can tap into this vast network to inspire customer loyalty and drive repeat business. With the help of the program, merchants can turn one-time customers into lifelong customers.

The benefits of a customer loyalty program can be significant, with studies showing businesses that increase customer retention by 5% can see up to a 25% boost in revenue. By partnering with Carson Services, businesses can maximize these benefits without putting in any effort since the company manages the entire process.

Business owners who wish to register for the program simply need to submit their business’s website and choose a participation rate. Rewardical’s simple reward claim system handles all the heavy lifting, from tracking orders to offering a seamless order verification process and delivering rewards directly to customers.

Upon registration, merchants are assigned 1,000 Rewardicals at no cost to explore the platform and see if it fits with their overall strategy. In addition, the new merchant is promoted to a list of active members as a new seller for enhanced visibility.

Moreover, Carson Services explains that merchants who sign up for the program are not required to use its services once their complimentary Rewardicals are exhausted, and there are no long-term contracts to tie them down.

A spokesperson says, “Rewardical is ideal for new and established businesses, even those with existing programs. Not only can Rewardical help you thrive and grow, but it will also cost you nothing to join. You pay nothing unless we are generating orders for you, so you don’t have anything to lose.”

Interested parties can learn more about Rewardical and Carson Services’ offering at