Unique Product Digital Identifier Solution For Food Brand Protection Announced

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A leading supply chain traceability provider announces an expansion of its brand protection strategies for manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers in the food and beverage industry.

The latest launch from rfxcel – part of the Antares Vision Group – puts new powers of individual product oversight into the hands of business owners and partners across the entire supply chain. By assigning a unique digital identity to every unit, the company is helping users create operational transparency and build consumer trust.

More details can be found at https://rfxcel.com/brand-protection/

The announcement underlines rfxcel’s position at the forefront of the traceability sector, providing advanced yet intuitive solutions to product authentication. The company specializes in helping brands thwart counterfeiters, brandjackers, and fraudulent players with AI-enabled protection and engagement technology.

The digital age has seen innovative technologies infiltrate multiple sectors, responding to increased regulation in the pursuit of higher safety standards. Pandemic-related issues with supply lines have placed pressure on the food industry while the rise of counterfeiting has left many providers scrambling to rebuild faith and accountability for their product lines.

The rfxcel system turns products into data-rich, traceable digital assets. Unique identities are assigned to products and extend to every partner, transaction, and customer in the supply chain, building a robust shield for the preservation of brand integrity.

On the customer side, QR code technology not only allows consumers to access accurate information about a product’s lifecycle but also gives brands a unique opportunity to build relationships and engender faith and trust via easily-accessible data.

Unit monitoring is possible across land, sea, and air, allowing for demonstrable product provenance. While rfxcel’s technology promotes safety for the food and beverage industry, digital identities also provide a unique opportunity to promote authentic brand experiences.

Supply chain visibility is possible 24 hours a day, seven days a week with real-time data allowing users to troubleshoot issues as soon as they arise. The rfxcel system promotes efficiency and productivity, mitigating vulnerabilities via its user-friendly interface. The software is fully customizable to meet every user’s unique requirements.

A spokesperson says, “Demonstrate to the world that your brand is strong and reliable. You’ll cultivate and cement a reputation for integrity and transparency with partners and consumers.”

For more information, interested parties should visit https://rfxcel.com/brand-protection/

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