Columbus, OH Tax Accounting Firm Announces SmartLicense is Becoming AkuLicense™

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Clarus Partners Advisors, a business license software solutions provider and indirect tax consultancy, announces that their proprietary business license management software formerly known as SmartLicense has been rebranded as AkuLicense™.

AkuLicense™ retains a key feature not commonly found in business license software: dedicated customer support from knowledgeable tax professionals. According to the company, this makes its business license software ideal for businesses with complex licensing requirements.

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The business license software can be used by businesses of all sizes to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal business licensing requirements. Staying on top of these regulations will save them the hassle and expense of missing renewal deadlines, avoiding fees and penalties.

The U.S. Census Bureau recorded just over 5 million new businesses that were formed in 2022, with 4.4 million started every year on average. Most of these new businesses will need licenses to stay in operation and will need to keep them current or risk financial penalties or closure.

AkuLicense™ can help businesses stay up to date by storing not only licenses, but also permits and other supporting documents. The system helps organize individual employee licenses, health and fire department permits, as well as sellers’, alcoholic beverage, and DBA permits.

In addition to its storage capacity, the program features a dashboard display that can be used by multiple employees at a company, a calendar that tracks all licenses and permits and prevents missed deadlines, and cloud storage that gives easy access to associated documents.

The program was developed by Jeff Stonerock, CPA, after a period of more than 18 years during which he tried many different business license software programs to help manage licenses for a previous employer. However, Stonerock found that each one contained faults that could compromise his employer’s operations to vulnerabilities or liabilities. He decided the market was ready for a real solution, and so AkuLicense™ was born.

“It’s astounding how much time and mental bandwidth are required to track and manage all the business licenses and permits required in business,” said Jeff Stonerock, Partner at Clarus Partners Advisors. “If an operator has multiple locations, the complications increase exponentially. A simple $60 business license can shut down a multimillion-dollar concern. AkuLicense™ software takes the guesswork out of managing this job.”

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