The Crypto Merchant Publishes An Overview Of Seed Phrase Recovery Plate Products

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Crypto hardware retailer The Crypto Merchant has published a new guide exploring a range of seed phrase backup tools for digital currency holders.

The Crypto Merchant’s latest piece aims to offer crypto traders, investors, and businesses a primer to brands such as Cryptotag, ShiftCrypto, imKey, SecuX, and Billfodl and the unique selling points of their flagship offerings.

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The material also gives readers a detailed look at why recovery plates have become an essential accessory for the protection of crypto assets. According to The Crypto Merchant, steel, titanium, and aluminum plates have become a low-tech yet effective means of keeping seed phrases away from both online and offline threats.

“As the saying goes, ‘no keys, no coins’,” the company said in the article. “That’s why it’s so important to store your seed phrase safely and securely.”

According to the article, a popular option for today’s crypto enthusiasts is the Cryptotag Zeus. This titanium backup tool can store up to six seed phrases and can withstood heat and stress tests from blowtorches, fire, pneumatic hammers, and metal rollers. The Crypto Merchant is offering this product with complimentary shipping for all US-based clients.

Also available from The Crypto Merchant is the Billfodl Stainless Steel Backup Tool, which can be used to record 12,18, or 24-word recovery seeds. The engraving tiles fit neatly into a sleek chassis for easy transportation and concealment in a designated safe location.

Other options available to customers include the SecuX XSEED Pro. This product is water-, weather-, and corrosion-proof and its robust steel plates are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1454 degrees Celsius. Just 6mm thick, the device is lightweight yet extremely durable and a popular choice for today’s crypto holders from one of the sector’s most respected brands.

Customers can also consider the merits of the imKey Secret Box Pro, a 304-grade stainless steel backup tool that supports BIP39 word seed phrases of 12, 18, or 24 letters.

“No matter how you choose to store your seed recovery phrase, it’s important to have a secure backup in case something happens to your crypto wallet, and it’s preferable to store them offline,” the author said.

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