Bethlehem, PA Back Injury Workers’ Compensation Attorney Services Announced

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Justice Guardians Bethlehem (866-918-5292), a specialist personal injury and medical negligence law firm, is now working with the victims of workplace back injuries.

Justice Guardians Bethlehem is now proud to be working specifically with individuals who have suffered a significant back injury at work. The attorneys have long developed a reputation for their dedication to their clients and their no-win, no-fee contingency service. The Bethlehem, PA workers’ compensation law firm offers injured victims the opportunity to see legal recourse without needing to pay for their legal representation upfront, and in the case of a loss, injured victims will not need to pay at all.

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The experienced attorneys are now reaching out specifically to back injury victims because they have seen that it is both one of the most common workplace injuries, and one of the most frequently undervalued through standard workers’ compensation policies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), one in five workplace injuries are now back-related, with the latest figures reflecting that more than one million back injuries are sustained in the workplace every year.

Moreover, according to the National Library of Medicine, at least 5% of these injuries will go on to become permanent disabilities with life-altering consequences.

While Justice Guardians Bethlehem understands back injuries can completely alter an individual’s quality of life and their ability to perform their job, they have seen that the big insurers who underwrite workers’ compensation policies are often reticent to payout claims. Therefore, they encourage any injured victim who is being given the runaround by their employer or insurer to come forward and seek legal advice.

Justice Guardians Bethlehem have seen that individuals who have suffered a back injury at work often need to acquire legal representation in order to receive the maximum amount of compensation available, and they are committed to providing this support.

Justice Guardians Bethlehem can also represent those individuals who have sustained a back injury outside of the workplace—for example, from an auto accident or a slip and fall—and who believe they may have cause to sue for negligence.

A spokesperson for the experienced personal injury attorneys said, “The Justice Guardians are a team of medical negligence lawyers who can review your case to determine which legal options are best for you. Our attorneys are familiar with all types of legal injury claims and know what it takes to get maximum compensation via a claim or lawsuit. We only accept cases on contingency, which means that if you don’t win your case, you will not owe any legal fees.”

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