Handcrafted Ethnic Sterling Silver Earrings For Everyday Wear Launched

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Amasor Jewelry, an artisan boutique for handmade jewelry, has released a new collection of handcrafted ethnic sterling silver earrings.

Amasor Jewelry has long established a reputation for their diverse styles and their intricate use of color and structure. Now, with their new sterling silver earring collection, they are proud to be getting back to their roots, creating structurally elegant and refined pieces that still make a statement and spark a conversation. In particular, with Amasor’s newest collection, head jeweler Amy Masor is channeling ethnic elements and iconography to create earrings with a spiritual and bohemian touch.

More information is available at https://amasorjewelry.com/product-category/earrings/silver-earrings/

Amasor Jewelry knows that in 2023 jewelry is all about the earring, with women of all ages often boasting many piercings and wanting to cultivate a very particular personal style and statement look through their earring choice. As such, in their new sterling silver collection, the artisan boutique offers a vast array of earring shapes and styles including drop earrings, chandelier earrings and hoops. Within these broad categories, Amasor also offers hammered silver styles, textured styles and different variants, such as oval-shaped hoops and long drop earrings.

For those shoppers who are as moved by the colors and energy of natural stones as Amy Masor is, Amasor Jewelry’s new collection also features unique gemstone and crystal accents, with pearls, turquoise, abalone and labradorite all popular.

Amasor’s new collection also reflects Amy Masor’s deep spiritual interest and several earrings feature iconic ethnic styles like their new Sterling Silver Hamsa Earrings. This palm-shaped amulet is common throughout North Africa and the Middle East and symbolizes protection. Also popular are their new Sterling Silver Tree of Life Earrings, which feature an intricately woven silver tree, an image associated with sacred knowledge and life.

Amasor Jewelry specializes in elegant, ethnic and everyday jewelry, and they believe their new earrings can offer wearers all three features at once.

A spokesperson for the artisan handcrafted jewelry boutique said, “When you look at a finished piece by Amasor Jewelry you can see how deeply Amy Masor’s creativity flows through her and how her stones and materials assume their own rhythms as they are combined into unique pieces of jewelry.”

More details can be found at https://amasorjewelry.com/

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