5 Things the Green Bay Packers Need to Do for the Upcoming Season

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(Newswire.net — May 11, 2023) — The 8-9 season has been incredibly disappointing for the Green Bay Packers. But there’s no time to dwell, and the team needs to get back to work. They need to address many issues before the next season starts if they want to become more successful. They must resolve the situation with Aaron Rodgers and review the options of their free agents. They also have to get under the salary cap to better manage the team’s finances. The injured players should take time to heal and overcome their injuries so they can hit the ground running and get ready for the 2023 season. Here are more things the Green Bay Packers need to do for the upcoming season if they want to up their game and have a better chance of succeeding.

Address The Most Significant Positions Of Need

Green Bay Packers need to address their positional needs if they want to improve their odds for the upcoming seasons. Some of the positions they need to assess are:

  • Offensive tackle
  • Edge rusher
  • Safety
  • Tight end
  • The receiver room
  • The interior defensive line

But what can they do to improve the situation? They need to make their safety and tight end more reliable and focus on more playmaking. Regarding the receiver room – they should bring in more talent and experienced players. And to strengthen their defense, they need to gain more strength for the battles between offensive and defensive lines. Taking the necessary steps might help them to boost their NFL odds. Websites like BetUS can help you stay on top of the latest odds and the latest updates you need to know before the next season kicks off.

Decide On The Fifth-Year Option For Jordan Love

The possibility of Aaron Rodgers leaving the Packers to join the New York Jets has been passing around the media for quite some time now. To make the most of the new season, the team needs to resolve the situation – possibly even let Rodgers go to sign the new contract. Such a move could give Jordan Love a fantastic opportunity to shine. He’s currently in Year 4 of his rookie contract and has an option for the fifth year. However, the team needs to decide before the season even starts. Even though they didn’t see him playing as a full-time starter just yet, they had plenty of time to watch his game during the training and on the field – so that might be enough for them to make the final decision.

Push The Expenses Under The Salary Cap

Another thing the Green Bay Packers should do is to get under the salary cup before the upcoming season starts. They are currently around $16 million above their projected cap for 2023. But getting the finances under control might be more complicated than it seems. There are going to be some changes that could help them to make the situation better. The contracts of players like Preston Smith, Kenny Clark, Aaron Jones, and David Bakhtiari will be restructured, which might help the team get closer to the salary cap. But there won’t be any significant cuts that would lead to tangible savings. And if the team relies solely on the contract restructures, it might lead to further charges in the future. 

Focus On The Options Of Their Free Agents

The Packers currently have three restricted free agents and 14 unrestricted free agents. However, expensive contracts could get the team even further over the salary cap. So, if there are going to be any new contracts, they might be inexpensive or only short-term for one or two years. Still, reaching out and re-signing one of their free agents might help them to address their current positional needs. Some of the positions that the Packers might be looking to address through a free agency could be wide receiver, tight end, safety, and interior defensive line. They could also address the same issues in the draft. In the end, they might be able to bring more stability into the team and improve their odds.

Ensure Their Health Is In Good Condition

The players of the Green Bay Packers need some time to recover and get healthy after the challenging season. While some players like Aaron Rodgers don’t like to miss a game, even with a thumb or rib injury, they must use the offseason as a chance to focus on any health issues that could influence their performance and quality of life. Once the players overcome their injuries and get back to their 100%, they might be able to play better and improve the team’s standing in the NFL. Getting in shape, keeping up with training, and working on their strategies might help them to win more games and improve their standing against other teams in the competition.