Life Coach Book Writing & Publishing Blueprint, 1-on-1 Coaching Announced

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Next Page Publishing Inc., a large North American female-owned publishing group, has a new one-on-one coaching service for fellow coaches who want to learn how to write, edit, market and publish a book.

Next Page Publishing’s new one-on-one coaching service has been developed specifically for other coaches, who beyond just learning how to write a book, want to use that book to become seen as an expert in their field and to acquire more clients. The experienced female-led team at Next Page Publishing particularly believe that their new course will be impactful for female life, wellness, career and business coaches.

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Next Page Publishing understands that many coaches are looking on at the continued growth of the e-book industry—according to Technavio Research it will grow by another 6.93 billion at a CAGR of 7.25% in the next five years—and may have wondered how they can tap into this booming industry, in which many of their contemporaries are making a name for themselves.

However, the prolific publishers also appreciate that any first-time author will be facing natural challenges such as not knowing where to start, not having a natural affinity for writing, and feeling that they are not seen as credible or are not known beyond their existing client base.

As such, Next Page Publishing offers one-on-one coaching that will help an aspiring author from the very first step of the book-writing process. Their experienced publishing team will help a coach decide what to write and choose their book topic. From there, they will help a first-time author get their book done within an achievable period of 12 weeks using their structured and guided book mapping and writing program.

Once the book is completed, Next Page Publishing will oversee book editing and will ensure that their coaches can publish their book without requiring a literary agent.

As the publishers are deeply acquainted with the book industry and its trends, they will help coaches to develop a comprehensive marketing plan with an end goal of helping the coach to better sell their coaching programs and services to a much wider client base. They believe that book exposure is also one of the most effective ways for a coach to increase their credibility so that they can become an expert in their field.

Next Page Publishing Inc. was founded by Larissa Soehn, a bestselling author and prominent coach who wants all aspiring authors and coaches to discover their true potential and harness the power of the book.

A spokesperson for the publishing group said, “When done correctly, writing and publishing a book can open many doors for you and your business. It gives you access to more stages where you can share your knowledge, which broadens your reach even further. It will also serve as another revenue stream for your business if you decide to sell copies of your book online or at speaking engagements/conferences/seminars/etc. The credibility that comes with calling yourself an author is outstanding.”

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