Residential Pass-Thru Service Windows For Extra Outdoor Bar Space Announced

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OpenUp Windows have a new model of their popular residential service window that they have designed specifically for new homes.

The experienced custom window makers have created their new window in a modern minimalist design to suit most new build styles. OpenUp Windows has also crafted their new window with an innovative 3-sided frame, which means it can be mounted atop any new countertop without requiring a break in the material to sit flush, close completely or be locked in place.

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With the latest article on Kitchen & Bath Design News affirming that, in 2023, in almost all new builds and home renovation projects, the countertop is a new design centerpiece, OpenUp Windows is proud to be retailing a new model of their popular countertop and tabletop service window that enhances the aesthetics of the countertop it is placed above.

Whether a new home features a countertop that is made from quartz, marble, porcelain, wood, or any of 2023’s other top materials and textures, OpenUp Windows’ minimalist service window can be placed above it with no disruption to the surface.

As Kitchen & Bath Design News also explained, countertops are not only becoming more central to design schemes but also significantly larger and more multipurpose. As such, OpenUp Windows believes a service window is another way for a homeowner to enhance the functionality of their kitchen space and cohesively link the design of indoor and outdoor spaces by expanding their countertop to their home’s exterior.

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OpenUp Windows also recommends their new gas strut pass-through window for its sustainability credentials and durability. They offer a full 10-year warranty on their long-lasting windows and have an additional 40-year guarantee for certain parts.

Service windows offer many benefits to homeowners. These include extra kitchen space and outdoor bar or entertainment space, and better indoor/outdoor living.

OpenUp Windows is based in New York, and they work with homeowners across America. The experienced custom window makers can work to any installation timeline and manufacture and deliver with precision.

A spokesperson for the window makers said, “When you trust OpenUp with the design of your pass-through window, you can rest assured that every detail will be accounted for. Our passion for quality design shines through in our work—our windows are intended to beautify, redefine, and truly open up your space, all while adhering to the highest set of durability, sustainability, and quality standards.”

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