Luxury Metal-Plated Electronic Business Card With NFC For Bulk Order, Update

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Gray Water Ops has announced that their NFC smart challenge coins are now available for bulk orders.

Following the announcement, these challenge coins are designed to function as digital business cards as well as promotional merchandise, and can now be ordered in bulk for use at trade shows, company events, or club meetups. The coins are crafted using high-quality materials and can be constructed in custom shapes and designs.

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Gray Water Ops has developed the coins over a long period, ensuring that their design and construction techniques are capable of producing consistent, high-quality items. The NFC chip integrations featured in these coins are also unique to Gray Water Ops and have been patented as a result.

Through the company’s custom design service, clients can work with Gray Water Ops’ in-house team to create interesting and creative art for use on the coin faces. This artwork can then be rendered using a variety of materials, including soft and hard enamel in any color, alongside a range of metallic options.

The NFC integrations contained in each coin provide additional utility to these promotional pieces and can be programmed to serve a variety of functions. The primary use case for this product is a digital business card, capable of instantly transmitting contact data to any compatible device simply by passing it over an NFC receiver. These chips can also be programmed to link to exclusive websites, members-only programs, charity drives, and any other digital location.

Each coin is crafted using a die-struck method, striking a solid thick long piece of brass. This method is used to create products that not only provide protection for the NFC chip within but also portray a brand’s identity in a high-quality, eye-catching manner.

One reviewer stated, “Gray Water Ops is a fantastic veteran-owned company. I have done business with them several times and have never been disappointed in their high quality products and great service. I had a batch of challenge coins made up and they were able to provide exactly what I had asked to be done; you could not ask for better service.”

Bulk orders for these coins begin at 200 pieces, with custom quotes available for larger runs. The company also offers a fully functional single-piece test run that allows clients to explore use cases for the technology and proof the design before a larger order. A catalog of past non-NFC designs is available on the company’s website.

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