Contingent Workforce Management VMS With Talent Pool Nurturing Capabilities

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Leading staffing solutions provider Prosperix has launched an updated version of its contingent workforce vendor management system (VMS) network.

Following the announcement, Prosperix has strengthened its talent pool nurturing and applicant tracking capabilities. This move reinforces the company’s goal to provide seamless and end-to-end staffing for contract-based positions through its VMS network.

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Company representatives note that the VMS network update allows businesses to hire with more agility, especially during peak business seasons. They add that their service is especially suitable for enterprises in the retail, hospitality, construction, and manufacturing sectors.


According to a study conducted by McKinsey Global, up to 30% of the world’s workforce can be classified as contingent. There are many reasons for their prevalence, the primary of which is flexibility – that is, companies can scale up or scale down their workforce as needed. Similarly, hiring timelines are usually shorter for contract-based employees, making them ideal for urgent or short-term roles.


The VMS network leverages the Prosperix Hiring Marketplace, which features thousands of local and international talent suppliers, including dedicated staffing agencies for contingent workers. In effect, clients get access to a talent pool that they can utilize on demand, leading to shorter hiring times. This ensures that operations are not hindered by a lack of available qualified workers.


Applicant tracking is another key feature of the workforce VMS network. From the dashboard, clients can immediately see whether applicants are being pooled, interviewed, or onboarded. Hence, business owners are always abreast of the hiring process at every stage.

A spokesperson says: “Providing businesses with qualified applicants and fast hiring times is our mission. With our enhanced VMS offering, clients can access talent pools and efficient recruitment they never thought possible. After all, a business is only as strong as its workforce.”

Prospective clients may request a demonstration to better understand the VMS’ features and advantages.


Prosperix’s solutions lie at the intersection of human resources and technology. By leveraging artificial intelligence and online platforms, it helps clients build agile and flexible workforces. Started by Silicon Valley veterans, the company serves blue-chip corporations like NBCUniversal, KPMG, Avon, and Walmart.

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