Sustainable Fashion Suppliers For Emerging Brands: Networking Platform Update

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The B2B and B2C fashion professional networking platform, Fashion Index, has updated its options to allow emerging fashion brands to search for and connect with sustainable fashion suppliers.

With this update, the company aims to increase the opportunities for emerging fashion brands to partner with suppliers that use sustainable materials and practices. Through the platform, entrepreneurs can search for suppliers of yarn, knit fabrics, woven fabrics, military-grade fabrics, and prints and swatches.

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The company anticipates that this update will inspire more emerging fashion brands to utilize its comprehensive searchable database featuring profiles for hundreds of suppliers. Users can filter their supplier searches by sustainability and fair trade to ensure they find a supplier who meets their brand’s sustainability standards. Searches can also be filtered by production volume, target market, years in business, specialty categories, and more.

According to recent studies, around 70% of younger consumers chose products and retailers based on their ethical and environmentally sustainable practices. With this increasing demand, the market for sustainable fashion brands continues to grow more competitive. Brands can stand out in this market by prioritizing sustainability in every detail of their product line and operations.

In addition to the previously mentioned Fashion Index search filters, users can narrow their search results for sustainable suppliers by location. This means that entrepreneurs can partner with sustainable suppliers that are also local to them, thus minimizing transportation distances and carbon emissions. Users can then learn more about a supplier’s commitment to ethical sourcing or eco-friendly materials, their history of partnerships, and more, by reading their detailed profile listed on Fashion Index.

About Fashion Index

Fashion Index is a global B2B and B2C fashion networking platform that connects fashion entrepreneurs, designers, suppliers, manufacturers, influencers, distributors, and more. The platform is designed to be a no-cost, easy-to-navigate, one-stop space for emerging and established brands to locate all of the resources and people they need to thrive. Fashion Index strives to support quality fashion brands in expanding their digital presence and reaching a global audience.

“Fashion Index is the future of “how to connect” in the fashion industry,” said one satisfied platform user. “Anyone can participate in so many different ways. Everything is centralized and so easy to find. I am so happy to have discovered Fashion Index because it has helped me to find great companies to work with.”

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