Brampton Synthetic Grass Installation For Pet Play Areas: Products Expanded

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Lazy Lawn (1-888-622-5296), a company providing artificial turf installation for residential and commercial properties, recently expanded its synthetic grass options for customers in Brampton and the surrounding area.

As part of the expansion, Lazy Lawn is providing customers with affordable, low-maintenance alternatives to natural grass lawns and paved surfaces. The synthetic grass options are particularly useful to pet owners who want to create play areas for their animals.

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According to Lazy Lawn, synthetic grass has become more and more popular with pet owners due to its safety, softness, and durability. Additionally, research has shown that synthetic grass can have a positive impact on a pet’s mental and physical well-being. With its expanded synthetic grass options, Lazy Lawn is allowing pet owners to have turf installed that is not only visually appealing and easy to clean but also beneficial to their animals.

Regarding their synthetic grass options, Lazy Lawn offers a broad selection that includes Emerald Rye, Kentucky Blue Lite, Lemongrass, Luxurious Fescue, Natural Fescue, Spring Fescue, and Viridian Rye. The grasses come in a variety of colours and thatchings all designed to suit the many different settings in which they are installed.

Customers can either install the grass themselves or have one of Lazy Lawn’s turf experts come and install it for them. Once it is installed, the grass requires little maintenance, typically only occasional vacuuming, sweeping, and washing. If preferred, Lazy Lawn’s experts can also be scheduled for regular upkeep visits.

“Our new synthetic lawn from Lazy Lawn looks awesome and takes care of a lot of headaches,” said a satisfied customer. “We no longer have to worry about our dogs tearing up the grass up and bringing their muddy paws into the house. It also saves us from having to cut the grass every week. We’re very satisfied, and we can’t recommend them enough.”

Customers who are interested in having synthetic grass installed on their property can get a no-obligation estimate by filling out the form on the Lazy Lawn website. Though prices vary depending on the grass, DIY pet turf options start at $4.29 per square foot. For professional installation, Lazy Lawn offers three different packages based on square footage.

About Lazy Lawn

Lazy Lawn has been Canada’s leading distributor and installer of artificial grass lawns since 2013. Though their head office is in Toronto, they provide their synthetic turf solutions to residential and commercial customers from across the country.

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