Light & Fluffy Waffle Mix, Cinnamon & Vanilla Flavor With Easy Recipe Launched

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Glynis’ KitchenⓇ has announced the launch of Glynis’Ⓡ Waffle Mix – a delicious waffle mix full of nutritional value.

With Glynis’Ⓡ Waffle Mix, customers can now make light and airy waffles that evoke memories of childhood and early family experiences around a dining table. The mix is the signature recipe of Glynis Albright, a renowned culinary creator and public speaker who has been featured on The Food Network.

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Waffles have been a staple of American cuisine for a long time and are almost universally liked. Because they’re so ingrained in the culture, they also conjure up feelings of nostalgia. Glynis’Ⓡ Waffle Mix honors this waffle tradition, providing customers with a quick and nutritious meal rooted in the family experience.

Glynis’ simple waffle batter recipe is infused with cinnamon and vanilla. The blend of ingredients ensures that the waffles remain fluffy and light. Though intended to make waffles, the mix’s multi-purpose ingredients mean it can be used for pancakes and crepes also.

To use the mix, customers simply combine the mix with only two other ingredients, and then pour it onto a hot waffle iron. One batch makes 7-8 waffles which comfortably feeds a family of four. There are four batches in every box. The waffles can be served with syrups, whipped cream, fresh fruit, and any other toppings that customers prefer.

The waffles are delicious and nutritious, so parents feel good about preparing them for their kids. Those being challenged with type-2 diabetes have said that they are able to enjoy Glynis’ waffles with no problem. In addition to the regular Glynis’Ⓡ Waffle Mix, Glynis’Ⓡ GLUTEN FREE Waffle Mix is also available.

“I’ve never had such delicious, light, and crispy waffles like these before,” said a satisfied customer. “The mix is so easy to make and it produces results that make it look like you can actually cook. My family couldn’t wait to gather around the table and dig in. I highly recommend it.”

About Glynis Albright & Glynis’ KitchenⓇ

Known as “The Waffle Queen,” Glynis Albright has been cooking and baking since she was a small child. After being diagnosed with leukemia, she decided to take a naturopathic approach to recovery, using food and nutrition as her way of healing. She added Glynis’ KitchenⓇ to her existing list of comfort lines in an effort to share the products, recipes, and nutritional advice that she used to get better.

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