Custom Restaurant Pass-Thru Windows With Handle Lock & Gas Struts Announced

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OpenUp Windows has announced customizable commercial pass-thru windows for restaurants that come with an easy single-handle locking system and are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Engineered to connect food prep areas with staff, diners, and walk-up customers, OpenUp Windows’ commercial gas strut pass-thru windows can be customized to fit storefronts, food trucks, and any other restaurant need and design. With signature 2Fold technology and a mindful combination of aluminum and wood, OpenUp Windows provide restaurateurs and entrepreneurs with a durable design feature that is as attractive as it is secure.

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Leading pass-thru window manufacturers OpenUp Windows have announced elegant and sophisticated restaurant window designs that instantly command attention, making it ideal for any establishment looking to set itself apart. Windows are engineered to offer a secure, one-and-done locking system and are backed by a 10-year warranty to ensure customer investments are protected.

“At OpenUp, we pride ourselves on our expert craftsmanship and choice of materials,” says inventor, entrepreneur, and parent company CEO Ed Page. “We strive to provide our customers with a modern showpiece that expands their view and distinguishes their restaurant with seamless kitchen-to-storefront or -dining room integration.”

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OpenUp gas strut windows are made with heavy extruded tubular aluminum for a level of strength and durability that surpasses standard aluminum.

Accoya wood sash, interior, and frames offer a natural beauty and rich finish while also providing high-grade insulation and protection against the elements and pests, including termites. Sustainably sourced and fully recyclable, Accoya materials are carefully harvested and treated with a natural “pickling” formulation made with an organic vinegar solution. This creates durability and longevity while also repelling pests.

Restaurant, café, and food truck owners can specify the size of the window they need by answering questions directly from the OpenUp Windows’ ordering page. They’ll be provided with a proposal with freight factored in which they can present to their architect or contractor for final costing. Windows can act as a simple pass-through element, or function as an arresting design element by opening up the width of a storefront.

Secured with a strategic single-handle locking system and backed by a 10-year warranty, OpenUp Windows offer business owners form, function, and exceptional long-term value, helping them create a cost-effective design with maximum ROI.

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