ERTC Pre-Qualification & Application Tool | Tax Credit Service For SMBs Expands

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LP Consulting, a consultancy that specializes in the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program, has updated its services to help small business owners claim their maximum allowable rebate.

Following the announcement, the consultancy is helping clients retroactively apply for tax credits for 2020 and 2021. The ERTC program allows employers to receive tax rebates that can prove critical to rehabilitating or growing an enterprise in today’s challenging post-pandemic landscape.

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ERTC is a program that was created to encourage businesses to keep employees on the payroll as they navigate the unprecedented effects of the pandemic. With a simple process that requires less than 15 minutes, businesses using LP Consulting’s application tool can now receive up to $26,000 per qualified W-2 employee.

“Even today, we see many small businesses struggling to stay afloat and keep their employees on the payroll. That’s why we offer our services so that entrepreneurs can navigate the complex ERTC program and get the benefit they deserve. Our goal is to make the application process as simple as possible for time-crunched business owners,” says a spokesperson.

The tax credits are not a loan and require no repayment; there are also no restrictions on how the funds can be used. LP Consulting partners with a team of accountants that determines if a business owner qualifies for rebates through a no-cost, no-obligation pre-qualification process.

The CPAs that LP Consulting works with do not offer any other accounting service aside from ERTC assistance. Its sole focus is maximizing ERTC tax rebates for small business owners, with the goal of speeding up the qualification and application process. The CPA team will also assist in the preparation and filing of the 941-X Amended payroll return should clients qualify for a tax credit.

The entire application can be completed via LP Consulting’s website. Business owners simply need to complete a short online form and upload relevant documents such as proof of payroll and tax returns.


LP Consulting is committed to helping small businesses thrive and grow in the face of challenging times. The team leverages innovative technology to make claiming federal tax credits easy and seamless for busy entrepreneurs.

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