Glendale, AZ AC Unit Replacement & Installation For Energy Efficiency Expanded

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Clark Heating and Cooling (+1-602-793-2477) has expanded its air conditioning replacement service throughout the metropolitan Phoenix area and now serves properties in Glendale, Arizona.

With the latest social studies showing that 84% of US homes have air conditioning, Clark Heating and Cooling stresses the importance of correct and regular maintenance. If a unit requires replacing, the team is available for emergency callouts – and the new expansion provides fast response to more local customers.

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With the summer months approaching, the HVAC contractor expects issues to arise with AC units throughout Arizona, especially with older models. The latest move provides homeowners with access to emergency repair and replacement solutions.

Modern AC units are designed to be energy efficient, leading to significant energy cost savings for homeowners. Additionally, they offer improved air filtration, ensuring the air inside the home is clean.

“When we install new AC units, the biggest determining factor on how well that unit will hold up, perform, and prevent the least amount of breakdowns is a quality installation,” a spokesperson explained. “Our installers know how important a quality installation is. We enjoy doing a great install and watching it perform properly on startup.”

Clark Heating and Cooling takes great care when replacing air conditioning units, ensuring that all components are properly aligned. This attention to detail means that the blower wheels and fan blades are correctly positioned, minimizing vibration and noise, and resulting in a cooling system that operates quietly.

The team also emphasizes the importance of achieving the correct blower speed for creating optimal airflow and cooling efficiency. By ensuring the blower speed is correctly adjusted, homeowners can receive maximum cooling power from their new air conditioning unit.

The contractors note that during the air conditioning replacement service, the outdoor compressor may need to be removed, and ductwork may need to be cleaned or replaced.

A satisfied customer said, “Clark Heating and Cooling did a great job repairing my AC unit and I’m very happy with the service they provided. Elijah was professional, knowledgeable and friendly, and quickly diagnosed and fixed the issue with my air conditioner. Other homeowners in my community have also had positive experiences with Clark Heating over the years. Highly recommended.”

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