Can Cryptocurrency Change How We Game?

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( — May 15, 2023) — Cryptocurrency, while it has taken a back seat over the past few months, has become a major aspect of the future of gaming. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain have the power to change how we game – here are a few ways how.

Game assets as NFTs

One of the biggest changes we could see in gaming is having certain assets turned into NFTs. We are all familiar with the concept of unlockables and collectibles in a game, and turning them into NFTs gives them real-world value. 

While NFTs have a slightly tarnished image at the moment, this is the area that many believe will bring them back. Whether it be in a triple AAA title like Call of Duty or playing a part in cryptocurrency in online casino, NFTs are going to have a serious impact. 

Players make money

Another benefit of turning game assets into NFTs is that it allows players to make money from what they unlock. One of the biggest complaints gamers have is that they will spend days, if not weeks trying to find or unlock a particular weapon or item, only for it to be basically worthless outside of the game, besides garnering some attention online. 

Because of this, many players tend not to bother trying to find these items or unlock any at all. This is shown in Call of Duty, where many players don’t both with unlocking weapon camos as they add nothing to their game. 

By making these assets and items NFTs, players will be able to buy and sell them or keep them and let them grow in value. The items they have worked hard to earn can now be turned into real money. 

Creating new economies

A gaming economy is something that isn’t new but is still relatively uncommon. The CS: GO weapon skin market is fairly well-known, but beyond that, there are very few economies based on games that keep players coming back. 

These player-driven economies will not only benefit the player base but also substantially extend a game’s lifetime.