Colorado Springs Alternative Osteoporosis Remedy To Increase Bone Density Update

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Integrative health and wellness center OsteoStrong Colorado Springs (719-362-5331) announced updates to its strength and conditioning program for improved bone health.

OsteoStrong Colorado Springs is now offering personalized strength-building programs to help manage the symptoms of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Described as a biohack to help strengthen the foundations of the body, OsteoStrong utilizes musculoskeletal devices to stimulate the nervous system and promote bone mass without the risk of impact.

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Clients participate in controlled movements on the 4 devices, under the supervision of OsteoStrong’s staff. Each session takes 10 minutes to complete and requires little to no physical exertion.

Studies from the Journal of Osteoporosis and Physical Activity, amongst many others, have shown that osteogenic loading therapy alongside standard care or as prevention, can improve bone mineral density (BMD) in people with osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Previous clients have reported that OsteoStrong has helped slow bone loss, rebuild strength, and increase agility. It has also been shown to significantly improve balance and posture, reduce joint pain, and reduce the risk of injury.

One session per week is recommended for optimal results. After each use, the robotic devices provide instant biofeedback that records the client’s progress.

The treatment is recommended for pre-and post-menopausal women, those with impaired balance or resistance to pharmaceutical treatment, and anyone with bone density loss.

OsteoStrong Colorado Springs is run by James Hillard, a retired veteran who has been involved in the biohacking community for over a decade. The center is committed to providing natural ways to improve bone and joint health and overall well-being.

A satisfied client said: “I decided to do this because I was having so much trouble with my knees and hips. I’ve come here for 7 months and have had a 379% improvement in my strength. I can put my jeans on and stand on one foot while I do it. I couldn’t do that without holding on before. That may sound like a little thing but it’s a really big thing in my life.”

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