Montreal Laser Pigmentation Treatment Course: Beauty Certificate Program Launch

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Seeking to help aestheticians-in-training further develop their knowledge, Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy (+1-888-300-6079) has announced new upgrades to its online and on-site training courses in Montreal, Quebec.

The course upgrades have been approved in order to help aspiring aestheticians continue their journey from high school graduates to fully trained medspa clinicians.

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With the new upgrades, graduates of the academy’s basic medical aesthetic course can move on to more challenging treatments while studying relevant topics in greater depth. Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy stresses that, provided they have a high school diploma, students from all backgrounds can traverse a guided route to a professional career in medical aesthetics.

Its hybrid online and in-person training program is specifically designed to take newcomers across a comprehensive and structured progression through the discipline of medical aesthetics. Even without prior field experience, learners can point to their eventual completion of the academy’s beginner-oriented course as sufficient evidence of their readiness to proceed to harder material.

An academy representative says: “Our advanced course is offered to experienced Medical Aestheticians or to graduates of the Basic course. Graduates of this course will gain experience in procedures and techniques that go beyond what most Medical Aestheticians in current practice are proficient with.”

As suggested, Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy intends for its advanced and further-level modules to provide a platform for learning skills that will help aestheticians stand out in the market. With the ability to perform more complex treatments with specialist expertise, graduates can expect to set themselves apart from field competitors – leading to a boost in clientele.

In addition to safe treatment practice, Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy also aims to teach students to run their future businesses with success. Its more advanced lessons feature problem-solving strategies, communication tips for troublesome clients, and more.

The Canada-wide academy continues to develop its program so as to introduce the industry’s latest findings and methods to learners as they enter the field. The ultimate result, it hopes, is a new generation of aestheticians with the know-how to apply medically-approved, long-term solutions to common dermatological conditions – such as acne or skin pigmentation.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative and inspiring learning environment,” said one recent student. Another added: “The courses were very thorough and practical. I highly recommend this place.”

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