STERN Law Firm Commemorates 10 Years of (Cr)Immigration

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( — May 16, 2023) Atlanta, Georgia — STERN Law, a nationally recognized immigration and criminal defense law firm focusing on (Cr)Immigration, is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Led by CEO Jessica Stern, the firm provides comprehensive legal representation to non-U.S. citizens arrested, investigated, or convicted.

(Cr)Immigration defense combines immigration and criminal defense. This approach addresses the risks of deportation at each stage of a criminal case and provides strategic defense against criminal allegations while balancing the protection of immigration status.

(Cr)Immigration defense addresses the consequences arising from:

  • Risk of deportation at each stage of a criminal  case – whether convicted or not
  • Likelihood of ICE custody after paying bond, pleading guilty, or case dismissal
  • Strategic defense against criminal allegations, balancing the protection of immigration status
  • Ability to keep a green card or another lawful status during the criminal case or after conviction
  • Eligibility to become a naturalized U.S. citizen during a criminal case or after conviction
  • Deportation charges and defenses to remain in the U.S. 

STERN Law understands the complexities immigrants face when dealing with the legal system and provides comprehensive representation to protect the immigration status of its clients. Unlike other firms, STERN Law’s approach ensures one attorney handles criminal and immigration proceedings to give a more robust defense. STERN Law has achieved notable successes in the past decade by preventing family separations, keeping clients out of jail, and deportation proceedings.

Recently, Jessica Stern was appointed as a U.S. Federal Court expert. This development procures the availability of court-appointed funds for court-appointed criminal defense attorneys and indigent defendants, which protects non-U.S. citizens charged with a crime from unintended immigration or deportation consequences. STERN Law also provides educational resources on its website, with up-to-date information on U.S. immigration laws and regulations and helpful tips on filing applications correctly to avoid common mistakes.

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled on Padilla v. Kentucky, establishing the requirement for criminal defense lawyers to thoroughly advise non-U.S. citizen clients about possible deportation and residency changes resulting from their cases. Yet, many attorneys still face difficulties providing the proper legal guidance, putting non-U.S. citizens at risk of life-altering outcomes.

Stern commented on her approval as a U.S. Federal Court expert, “Many criminal defense attorneys, even the most successful, often lack the knowledge to adequately advise their non-U.S. citizen clients about the potential immigration consequences of their criminal cases. This approval not only validates the importance of providing accurate immigration advice to clients but also opens the door for other criminal defense attorneys to secure court-appointed funds for this vital service.”

In addition to legal advice, STERN Law provides educational resources on its website, known as roadmaps and info guides. Visitors can download up-to-date information on U.S. immigration laws and regulations and helpful tips on filing applications correctly and avoiding common mistakes.

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At STERN Law, We Defend the American Dream™ for all non-U.S. citizens! We are not intimidated by your past or your record. In fact, we encourage all non-U.S. citizens with criminal records to hire us to fight to have your criminal case dismissed or removed and to secure legal immigration status for you and your family in the United States of America. Trust us because we know you. We know how intimidating it is to walk into a courtroom or government building where your freedom and liberty are at stake. We also know how hard it is to understand the legal process and your rights as a non-U.S. citizen. Rest assured that if you hire STERN Law, you will be fully aware of all options surrounding your situation and several strategies. You will gain an experienced legal team who will use their expertise and compassion to relentlessly help you achieve your desired result. If you feel confused, alone, or judged by the system, let STERN Law serve as your most trusted counsel. To contact STERN Law for help with your CrImmigration case, call (404) 990-4112 or complete the contact form on their website.


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