Day Trading Chatroom, Technical Analysis For Beginner Traders Training Update

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‘My Investing Club’ (MIC) announces updates to its technical analysis tutorials for those interested in pursuing a career as a day trader.

The latest launch expands access to the platform’s innovative training model for aspiring traders. The MIC chatroom provides a space to connect with other trading enthusiasts and professional traders to swap tips, discuss techniques, and find encouragement.

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The announcement also shares details of MIC’s mentorship program. This gives subscribers one-to-one sessions with successful professional day traders where they can ask questions, have their trades reviewed, and seek guidance on any topic relating to their stock market practice. Members get access to the mentoring panel with coaches available seven days a week via voice call or direct messaging.

Technical analysis enables day traders to make educated decisions about buying and selling. In the flurry of activity during a trading day, emotion can take over and result in unnecessary risks and compromise the precision needed for intraday success. Technical analysis allows traders to track price movements, simplify large amounts of data, and make faster, smarter decisions.

MIC subscribers can learn about support and resistance and identify prices that favor buyers or sellers. This helps day traders to assess the potential risks and rewards of particular trading candidates. Topics covered include psychological and static price points, trend line touches, technical indicators, volume analysis, adjusting chart timeframes, and using anticipation or confirmation trading approaches.

In addition to private mentorship sessions, MIC members also have access to weekly webinars, featuring live market recaps and trend identification alongside daily trading blueprints which are sent out before the market opens. All tutorials are recorded and stored in the company’s video encyclopedia.

Other topics covered by the MIC syllabus include fundamental analysis, SEC filings, hedge fund trading strategies, sector hype and craze, broker regulations, stock scanning software, and risk management. A regular podcast series is also available via the website. Learn more at

An MIC member and podcast guest said: “I had to deal with my own internal issues with how I managed risk or how I saw risk in the first place, and getting comfortable with the idea of losing money being completely detached from that. Right now, I just want to get better at what I’m already doing and what’s working for me and knowing myself and how I make my decisions.”

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