Contingent Worker Talent Supplier VMS | Cloud-Based Hiring Platform Announced

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Prosperix, a staffing solutions provider, has launched an enhanced AI-powered vendor management system (VMS) aimed at helping clients quickly fill positions for contingent workers.

The updated platform uses a proprietary algorithm that matches clients with talent providers based on their past performance, applicant quality, and talent pools. Company representatives say that this service is a viable alternative to recruitment agencies, which often charge retainer fees and commissions.

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This tech-enabled process represents an evolution of talent supplier management as the vouching process is entirely automated. As a result, hiring managers can focus more on assessing the qualifications of presented applicants, instead of checking the credentials of a staffing agency.


Prosperix’s Hiring Marketplace, is a platform that brings together employers and vendors, such as staffing specialists, recruitment agencies, and headhunters. Its primary goal is to promote competition among suppliers so businesses can get the best candidates at the best rates.


Prosperix VMS network dynamically distributes jobs to the most proven suppliers based on predetermined job priority. More specifically, the algorithm distributes requisition orders to the optimal number of suppliers based on successful hires in the recent past, supplier bandwidth, and geographical expertise.


In addition to providing streamlined talent supplier management, Prosperix can handle the full hiring lifecycle process. Once contingent workers have been selected, the company serves as their employer of record, taking care of payroll, statutory requirements, workers’ compensation insurance, and worker benefits (if any). This approach allows companies to focus on their core business while ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

“We understand that quality workers are vital in ensuring the competitiveness of your business. As such, we are excited to offer a solution that reduces the hassle and costs of recruiting contingent employees. Our team is confident that this VMS solution will be an asset if you wish to create a modern workforce,” a spokesperson shared.


Prosperix offers cloud-based workforce management solutions that allow businesses to hire employees with agility and precision. The company was founded by Silicon Valley veterans with decades of experience in developing technology platforms. Among its notable clients are Walmart, Avon, SJI, and Holman.

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