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LO:LA, a full-service marketing agency, recently published a new report titled, “7 Benefits of Visual Branding for Your Business,” which emphasizes the importance of choosing the right visual elements to attract users to a business website.

LO:LA’s latest report comes to help businesses improve their online visibility by encouraging them to embark on visual branding as a proven way to make a good first impression. Visual branding is sometimes considered “shallow” when compared to the actual service being provided. However, eye-catching visual content plays a crucial role in attracting and keeping site visitors engaged. Before considering enhancing user experience, entrepreneurs are encouraged to first consider the visual elements of their business pages.

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LO:LA’s new guide emphasizes that consumers rely heavily on their first impressions to determine whether they would build a relationship with a business. A poorly designed website with jarring colors and unreadable fonts will most likely have an abysmal click rate. In addition, users who visit a visually underwhelming site may feel that the business is fake and will be hesitant to continue exploring the site.

It is therefore important that businesses take the time to make a great first impression with their website. With more than 80% of the success of digital marketing efforts being contingent on visual content, it’s vital for businesses to ensure their marketing strategy encompasses the use of typography, colors, imagery, and graphic elements, LO:LA says.

Today’s consumer wants to interact with websites that are both easy to navigate and visually compelling. LO:LA shares that one way to improve visual branding is by correctly using colors to convey positive emotions. For example, yellow is often interpreted as a happy color, while blue can mean loyalty or sadness. Using the right color combinations can significantly impact a business’s visual brand, the expert explains.

The report points to various advantages of using visual branding, such as simplifying customer experience, building customer loyalty and trust, and turning more site visitors into customers.

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