Custom Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen Awning Service Windows, Fullbound Sill Announced

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OpenUp Windows, designers and manufacturers of precision cut, gas strut pass-through windows announce customized residential awning service windows with fullbound sill for extra kitchen space and integrated indoor-outdoor living.

The newly announced home awning service windows by OpenUp Windows are available with or without a nailing flange for new build plans or existing window structures homeowners have decided to update to maximize indoor/outdoor access and increase home values. OpenUp Windows are experts in pass-through window gas strut design and technologies, and can customize service windows with fullbound sills to fit just about any dimension requirements.

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A pass-through window that connects the kitchen area with outdoor patios and pool decks offers a convenient and space-saving indoor/outdoor access point. They also offer ample ventilation and natural light, and can maximize the view to the outdoors. Customizable awning service windows with fullbound sill from OpenUp Windows gives homeowners more flexibility, whether they’re building their home, renovating their kitchen spaces, or retrofitting existing structures.

“Bring everyone to the party!” says Ed Page, company founder, inventor, and chief engineer at OpenUp Windows. “Our pass-through service windows have changed the way people enjoy their kitchens, bars, family rooms, and pool houses for close to ten years now, and we’re just getting started.”

OpenUp Windows feature three key design considerations to offer an attractive, sustainable, and functional awing service window that keeps rain, moisture, critters and bugs at bay while bringing in a better view of the outdoors.

Their sleek architecture blends heavy extruded tubular aluminum with high-tech Accoya® wood for best thermal insulation performances.

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Sustainably sourced, Accoya® materials are harvested following a 12-year growth cycle and treated with a natural, organic vinegar pickling process. Combined with the aluminum frame, this 2Fold® technology gives homeowners a modern window design that is as convenient and attractive as it is structurally sound.

A retractable screen that folds up inside the top of the window can be pulled down for optimized airflow while preventing bugs from entering the home, and a selection of glass options are also available for custom-tailored utility and aesthetics.

Backed by a 10 plus 40-year warranty, customized awning service windows with fullbound sill by OpenUp Windows offer homeowners the opportunity to build or upgrade modern kitchen spaces for convenient indoor/outdoor living, and a room with an extraordinary view.

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