Pay-Per-Use CRM Software With SMS/Text Blasts, Email & Voice: Platform Updated

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Bigly Sales, Inc. announces updates to its proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) app for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The latest launch sees improvements to the app’s overall speed and functionality alongside an expansion of its engagement monitoring features. Bigly offers a new generation of mobile business owners a cost-effective alternative to the high retainer fees levied by similar platforms.

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The announcement details how Bigly’s unique pricing model – a pay-as-you-go system whereby users only pay for telecom costs not for the system itself – not only reduces overheads but also drives efficiency and productivity for sales teams. A suite of intuitive data tracking and performance analytics features allows businesses to assess the success of their current marketing and customer outreach strategies.

According to Forbes, businesses that actively pursue strategies to improve customer engagement and experience generate, on average, an 80% increase in revenue. This type of success is driven by not only gathering data on existing and prospective customers but knowing how to interpret the information to inform marketing and engagement policy. The better the customer experience, the more likely consumers are to return and recommend a company to others.

Bigly combines email, SMS, MMS, and VoIP communications in a unified inbox, allowing users to easily keep track of every facet of customer outreach. The software provides automated, real-time data tracking and actionable analytics features, homogenizing statistics across all mediums to inform smarter decision-making.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android systems and is just as effective on PC and desktop devices as it is on smartphones and tablets. This versatility gives roving entrepreneurs the ability to control and monitor CRM operations from anywhere in the world. The app’s internet-based protocol also sidesteps cell service issues for SMS and MMS campaigns.

Automated processes save businesses hours of laborious data entry while voice call transcripts also allow companies to review agent performance and assess the effectiveness of current strategies.

A spokesperson says, “Say goodbye to overcomplicated software that takes months to set up! Book a success call with us to get all your data in one place.”

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