Far-Infrared Negative Ion Gemstone Heat Therapy Mat For Full Body Therapy Launch

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HealthyLine has announced the availability of the TAJ gemstone therapy InfraMat which can be used as an affordable full-body therapy solution.

This newly added mat has all the features of the company’s premium Platinum model, but with several design tweaks to make the TAJ model more affordable. Despite these changes, however, the mat is still capable of delivering 5 separate therapy methods and comes standard with a range of attachments for a complete stress relief experience.

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The new TAJ InfraMat performs negative ion therapy thanks to the semi-precious gemstones woven into the mat. This design inclusion sets it apart from the budget version of the InfraMat previously released by the company and puts it on par with the Platinum edition in terms of therapeutic capabilities.

Among the semi-precious stones included in the mat design are amethyst, jade, and tourmaline, each of which is known to emit negative ions in varying degrees.

Alongside these negative ion capabilities, the mat also offers far-infrared and photon light therapies, as well as PEMF and hot stone options. Each of these options can be toggled using a central controller, allowing users to mix and match therapies to create the desired personalized experience.

Each of these therapy methods is intended to mimic specific aspects of nature; for instance, the far-infrared light emitted by the mat mimics the heat of the sun, while negative ions are commonly found near large bodies of water. For those that do not have easy access to natural areas, these therapy methods may be able to provide the same stress relief as is experienced when spending time outdoors.

One satisfied customer stated, “The best thing I got this year was the HealthyLine Infrared Crystal Therapy Mat. I’ve been using it everyday to help with aching muscles and at night when I have insomnia, as it relaxes me so I can fall asleep.⁣ I use the lower PEMF to relax right before bed and it helps me shut off my brain that usually is stuck in anxiety or thinking about tasks.”

The TAJ mat comes with an accessory kit standard with every order, which contains a waterproof cover and carrying case for the mat, operating instructions, a warranty card, and a mylar heat blanket to convert the mat into a personal sauna.

The HealthyLine team is committed to providing their customers with a powerful, high-quality product that is built to last. Each mat is constructed using 21 layers of flexible, durable material to ensure that the product can be used anywhere, including in bed or outdoors.

For more information, visit https://healthyline.com/

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