Ontario Certified Medical Aesthetician Course Dermatology Clinic Training Update

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Students of the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy (+1-888-300-6079) in Ontario can now complete the majority of their schooling online, using this updated hybrid course structure that moves the classroom training online and includes in-person hands-on instruction for up to a dozen popular medical aesthetic procedures.

The course structure at the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy has been updated to minimize the time students need to spend in class, by restricting in-person training to the hands-on or practical portions of the course.

More information about the hybrid course structure, fast certification process, or practical training at the Dermysk Academy can be found at https://dermysk.com/pages/academy

While each course still provides a comprehensive education, the updated course structure allows students to learn at their own pace, at home, before bringing them into the Dermysk Academy for their practical training. At the end of their training, students will be knowledgeable, practiced, and confident, completing up to a dozen common medical aesthetic procedures.

By eliminating the need for most in-person classes, the Dermysk Academy now allows a wider range of students to attend, even if they may be working a second job, or staying at home to raise a family. While some amount of hands-on training is required for each course, this practical portion is condensed and can often be completed in as little as one week of classes.

In the updated Basic course, students will learn the underlying scientific principles that explain why each treatment works, and what makes it so effective. They will also get hands-on experience working with actual clients in the Dermysk Clinic, and certification in up to a dozen popular medical aesthetic procedures, including micro-needling and laser hair removal.

To attend the Basic course, students are only required to have a high school diploma or some form of relevant job experience. Completion of the Basic course can then be used as a prerequisite for the Dermysk Advanced course, if students wish to continue their education.

Medical aestheticians with at least five years of experience may skip the initial course and enroll directly in the Dermysk Advanced Aesthetics program. This course covers several of the more advanced, and most popular, medical aesthetic procedures, such as CoolSculpting, and a range of treatments that use a client’s own stem cells.

The Dermysk Medical Aesthetic Academy offers a total of six updated courses, with three levels of training in medical aesthetics, and three levels in injectable cosmetics. While students may enroll in the Basic medical aesthetics course with only a high school diploma, the Dermysk injectable cosmetics courses require a high level of previous training and are only available to licensed nurses and physicians.

More information about the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy in Ontario, the full list of courses, and registration requirements can be found at https://dermysk.com/pages/academy

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