Scottsdale, AZ AC Repair Technician, Home Cooling System HVAC Services Expanded

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Clark Heating and Cooling (602-793-2477) in Peoria, AZ has recently expanded its AC repair services for customers in nearby Scottsdale.

Clark Heating and Cooling’s expanded services provide customers with quick and affordable AC repair solutions so that their homes can remain cool through the Arizona summer. The company uses the highest-quality parts available and performs all repairs to industry standards.

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Through July and August especially, daily temperatures in Scottsdale can be anywhere from 86°F to 125°F. Because of this, having a functional AC unit, or some other kind of cooling system, is a necessity. Clark Heating and Cooling expanded its services to help customers get their AC units working optimally in preparation for the hotter months.

Clark Heating and Cooling starts all of its AC unit repairs with a comprehensive assessment of the unit, trying to diagnose the root cause of the problem. Once determined, their technicians get to work on making the repairs, in most cases, on the same day as the assessment.

Clark Heating and Cooling’s goals when repairing AC units are to get them working efficiently again, minimize costs, and eliminate the possibility of future issues. “We do everything we can to eliminate the need for a full AC unit replacement,” a company spokesperson said.

To help limit the likelihood of a full AC unit replacement, Clark Heating and Cooling recommends that customers get their units serviced once a year, preferably before the summer. It explained that combing through the system regularly will reduce the chance of components failing in the future.

Moreover, Clark Heating and Cooling suggests that customers perform some of the easier AC unit maintenance tasks themselves, such as replacing the filters.

“When I saw smoke coming from our AC unit I was 100% sure that we had to replace it,” said a satisfied customer. “However, when the technician from Clark Heating and Cooling checked it out he not only diagnosed the problem quickly but he fixed it on the spot for a fraction of the price of a replacement. Their team is totally honest, very reliable, and know what they are doing. The unit is working beautifully now and I can’t thank them enough.”

About Clark Heating and Cooling

Clark Heating and Cooling is a licensed, bonded, and insured HVAC company. Hailing from Hawaii, the company has since moved to Peoria, AZ, offering its services to residential and commercial clients in the Phoenix Valley.

“With roots in Hawaii, our services are guided by the Spirit of Aloha,” the company representative added.

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