“Reviving Early Church Fellowship in Penn Yan – Together-In-God”

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Together-In-God Fellowship, an assembly of Christian believers, revives early church strategies in Penn Yan and neighboring areas. This non-denominational gathering promotes unity, spiritual growth, and adherence to scripture’s truths, welcoming all seekers and believers.

Welcome to Together-In-God Fellowship – the early church style Christian fellowship for seekers and believers in and around Penn Yan, Canandaigua, Geneva, Branchport, and Dundee. Here, the guiding principle is, “We may not have it all together … but together in God, we have it all!”

Unlike conventional ‘church’, Together-In-God Fellowship is not a physical edifice, but a gathering of Christian believers, an assembly reflecting the essence of a house church. We are a testament to the belief that the only true Church is the one of which Jesus is the Head, and consists of all true believers – past, present, and future.

Our Christian fellowship extends a warm invitation to those seeking a ‘Christian Church near me’. It is not required that an attendee be a born-again believer. We welcome any and all who are willing to learn from, and adjust to, the truths of scripture while maintaining proper decorum.

Baptism, while not a prerequisite for salvation, is encouraged for all true believers who gather with us, when properly prepared. Our fellowship upholds the true doctrines of scripture, and we strive tirelessly to ascertain them accurately.

We stand firm in the belief that there are no “church denominations” in God’s economy. We are affiliated with God alone, with no hierarchical reporting or mandating body, except God and His Word. Every member is encouraged to hold us accountable, and we strive for unity as described in the New Testament.

However, we draw a clear line at the acceptance of false doctrines or sinful practices. All are welcome to join us, provided they are open to understanding God’s truths from His Word, setting aside any false doctrines or sinful practices while in attendance.

Our purpose as a fellowship is to honor, glorify, and magnify God, making disciples and developing future qualified elders. We aim to mutually edify one another, spurring each other on to love and good works, and evangelize the lost so they too can become children of God.

Should our fellowship grow in size, we will, with God’s blessing, send off some members, including some elders, to develop another new fellowship. This way, we maintain our small, intimate gathering conducive to personal growth and community bonding.

Are you searching for a ‘Christian Church near me’ or a ‘house church’? They invite people to join the Together-In-God Fellowship, where they seek to foster unity, encourage spiritual growth, and live in accordance with God’s Word.

For more information, please contact: 315-521-2011

About Together-In-God Fellowship:

Together-In-God Fellowship is an early church style Christian fellowship based in Penn Yan, New York, with an open-door policy to seekers and believers from nearby towns including Canandaigua, Geneva, Branchport, and Dundee. The fellowship is committed to creating a nurturing environment where all can grow in their faith, guided by the truths of scripture, without denominational barriers.

Visit the site https://togetheringodfellowship.com/

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