Reiki Healing Store Launches New Collection Of Crystal & Gemstone Necklaces

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Online jewelry store Reiki Healing Store (844-200-3473) has launched a new collection of Reiki-inspired jewelry that features crystal necklaces in different colors.

Reiki Healing Store’s new line of jewelry includes necklaces that come with gemstones in bright, vivid colors. Within the practice of Reiki healing, different crystals are also believed to possess unique properties, and as such, the store is offering these new items to help the wearer improve their mood, and boost confidence and self-esteem.

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Reiki Healing Store’s recently added Reiki-inspired necklaces are also available in sets with matching bangles, rings, and earrings. Customers will find a wide selection of jewelry sets stocked in turquoise, pink, red, beige, black, and green, all of which hold significance in Reiki practice.

One of the main highlights of this Reiki-inspired collection is the Reiki Healing Choker line, featuring necklaces with uniquely detailed chains, composed of layered, multicolored cords and strings of beads combined to create an intricate woven rope effect. These new necklaces significantly differentiate from other Reiki jewelry pieces, many of which consist of a lone crystal on a plain metal chain.

Another key feature of these necklaces is the detailed setting surrounding the main gemstone. The gemstone is partially encircled by gold-colored metal, decorated with tiny crystals matching the same color as the main gem. This is then attached to the chain by a similarly detailed metal loop, set with one more tiny gem.

Another intriguing piece of jewelry included in the selection is the Reiki Healing Geometric Rainbow Pendant Necklace. This could be considered a more avant-garde version of the Reiki Energy Necklace – whilst still a colorful piece of jewelry, this new necklace features a vivid, multicolored, rectangular semi-precious stone in a silver setting with decorative fronds which wrap around the crystal.

The geometric shape of the Reiki Healing Geometric Rainbow Pendant Necklace and its bright, eye-catching colors make it a statement piece suitable for customers with bold taste in accessories.

The launch of Reiki Healing Store’s latest necklace collection is in line with the store’s commitment to selling Reiki-inspired jewelry made with genuine crystals and designed for women who like to wear bright colors.

About Reiki Healing Store

Reiki Healing Store was created with the aim of bringing colorful, unique crystal jewelry to customers throughout the U.S. The store has established a strong reputation for its high-quality products and fast, efficient customer service.

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