Frisco Emergency Dental Care & Crowns; 24/7 Treatment For Injured Tooth Updated

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Leading Frisco-based dental clinic Millennium Smiles (972-987-4899) updates its emergency treatment services, now offering immediate appointments for a wide variety of urgent cases.

The enhanced service allows access to one of the most advanced dental practices in the wider Frisco region, having the ability to address broken and injured teeth, severe pain, oral infection, and lost crowns or fillings. In addition to treating immediate risk factors, the team can carry out short-notice restorative work, such as replacement crowns.

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Millennium Smiles explains that dental emergencies are often very distressing and, in some cases, can be life-threatening. The revised emergency care service is designed to provide rapid treatment in the event that a patient’s regular dentist is closed, as well as offering professional advice over the phone.

Emergency dentists often receive additional training, allowing them to treat sudden injuries, such as cracked or dislodged teeth, oral trauma, and severe infection. The American Dental Association explains that several situations, including uncontrolled bleeding or infection, should be seen to as a matter of urgency, owing to the potential for major complications or death.

With the latest update, Millennium Smiles offers immediate appointments with an experienced and qualified emergency dentist, allowing a wide range of situations in to be addressed in the shortest timeframe. Depending on the situation, the clinic may be able to save a dislodged or injured tooth, while the ability to carry out longer-term remedial work offers an additional level of convenience.

“We have the technology, skills, and experience to repair damage or replace missing or broken teeth in a timely manner,” a clinic representative explained. “There are always several ways to treat a dental situation, so our dental staff will always speak with clients to assess the best option to meet their immediate and long-term needs.”

About Millennium Smiles

Equipped with some of the latest technologies, Millennium Smiles offers a comprehensive range of dental and oral health services, including routine work, cosmetic enhancements, implants, obstructive sleep apnea treatment, and temporomandibular joint therapy. The center now works from two Frisco offices, located on Main Road and Lebanon Road.

“I had an awesome experience with Millennium Smiles,” one patient recently stated. “The staff are very knowledgeable and the office is really high tech, which makes the experience of visiting the dentist a lot better. From beginning to end, it was a very comfortable treatment. Thanks to the whole team.”

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