FDA Approved Anti Snoring Device, Zyppah Mouthpiece Clinical Study Announced

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Zyppah, the anti-snoring mouthpiece, has just become the first device of its type to pass an FDA-approved clinical study, with a success rate of over 90%. The device has been found to significantly reduce noise levels, with no adverse side effects.

Individuals that suffer from overnight snoring can now access an anti-snoring device, over-the-counter, which has been shown to reduce or eliminate snoring in over 90% of clients, without the use of electronic devices or face masks.

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In a recent clinical study, 570 individuals used the Zyppah devices overnight, while tracking their sleep, their partners’ sleep, and how much noise they made. Though individual results did vary, the experiment suggests that 91% of overnight snorers may be able to benefit from a Zyppah, as it caused a 67% average reduction in noise level.

Though anti-snoring devices are not new, the Zyppah has been designed by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, a sleep specialist, after working with thousands of patients and finding the traditional options ineffective. It is the only snore-aid currently on the market with a built-in tongue strap, which helps to address the root cause of snoring for most individuals.

The new tongue strap design works by supporting the tongue while clients are asleep, which prevents the relaxed muscle from blocking their airways. This technique provides the additional benefit of working for most individuals, as the clinical trial showed there were no significant differences based on age, weight, gender, BMI, or level of experience with anti-snoring devices.

The device also includes features commonly found in other sleep aids, including a “boil-and-bite” custom-fit plate, which is used for mandibular advancement. While the new design combines the traditional jaw repositioning technique with a new tongue strap, the clinical study suggests that over 90% of users found it effective.

Although there were no adverse effects listed in the clinical trial, a small percentage of users, less than 1%, either found the device uncomfortable or, in one case, unusable. The researchers also noted that while approximately more than 120 of their test subjects had tried a snoring reduction device before the Zyppah, only 3 individuals had found the previous devices effective at all.

About the Zyppah:

The Zyppah was invented by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, a bio-engineer and dentist with decades of experience, who operates five treatment centers in Southern California which work exclusively with patients who suffer from snoring and sleep apnea issues.

More information about the new FDA-approved clinical study, Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, and the Zyppah can be found at https://zyppah.com

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