Benefits of Moving to Calgary During the Spring Season: Top Reasons to Consider

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( — May 19, 2023) — Almost all of us will have to move at least once in our lives, whether it’s to go to college, buy a house, or break a lease and move to a new place. Moving to Calgary or another city in Canada is often a time of stress, uncertainty, and unpredictability. All this can make it easier for you to use  qualified moving company in Calgary and choose the right time of year to move. Do many people ask whether it is better to move in spring, summer, autumn, or winter? Each season has pros and cons that should be considered before making a final decision. It is important to consider various factors such as weather conditions, availability of moving services, and their cost.

How do the weather and season affect the organization of the move?

Are you thinking about moving to any of the Canadian cities with the approach of spring? Weather can affect moving arrangements, but not in the way you think. Certain weather conditions are, of course, desirable during the transportation of goods, because the organization of the move itself requires certain efforts and control. If it is raining, you should be careful that your furniture and other belongings do not get wet during the move. Windy weather means it won’t let you forget to pack your stuff so it’s packed securely. On the one hand, frost outside requires the protection of cold-sensitive objects. Therefore, it is worth reconsidering the selection of a spring moving date and adapting the type of packaging to reduce the risk of damage or destruction of your valuables.

Are spring and summer the best time to plan a move to Alberta?

According to all statistical data, people usually organize their move in May-September. Spring and summer are the most popular seasons, as they allow for better organization of work due to good weather conditions, easy working hours, and long days. At this time, students move to rented apartments or dormitories. Are there any downsides to moving in summer and spring? It should not be forgotten that the great interest in moving in the spring and summer months can be related to the difficulty of purchasing real estate.

Are there any advantages to moving in the winter?

Even though winter is often associated with unpleasant weather conditions and difficulties with the transportation of large loads, several positive points should be noted. First, there are fewer cars on the roads in winter, so it is easier to order the services of a moving company at a significant discount. In addition, now it is generally cheaper to rent an apartment, and the landlord is more willing to negotiate the price. However, before changing the address, you need to prepare and protect your belongings from low temperatures.

Key pros and cons of moving in the fall

Due to the unpredictable autumn weather, October and November migrations are less frequent. An unpleasant aura outside makes many hesitate whether to look for a new place of residence or to stay and postpone the move to another time of the year. However, at this time of the year, it is worth considering a change of address, especially since real estate prices tend to decrease slightly. It is also easier to find a professional moving company that will take care of the safe handling of glass, clothes, or many different household appliances. At the beginning of autumn, you can work in pleasant conditions, in the evening it is quite fresh outside. If you are buying a new apartment, this is also the last time to organize a move before Christmas.

Key rules for a successful move

Finding new office space in Calgary, choosing a place to live, searching for information, stress, and confusion, and finding a reliable moving company for a successful move. What can you expect from him? What reliable services does such a company offer? When you reach the stage where you find your dream property, in the location of your choice and at an affordable price, you pass the first imaginary point in the journey cycle. The next key step is finding a reliable moving company in Calgary. Moving is a professional routine, with relevant experience, exceptional staff, and technical skills, a reliable moving company can meet your needs. 

Such a company offers service even on weekends, helps you prepare for the move, and avoids unnecessary problems, but at the same time is flexible in dealing with unforeseen situations. Protecting furniture, chairs, printers, production equipment, and company files from damage, scratches or loss is an important element of a safe move. In the case of moving to a new place in Canada of residence, apartment owners can organize some of this themselves, but in the case of companies (especially medium and large ones), moving companies take on this role. Boxes and folders of various sizes are used to transport documents, small appliances, and computer devices. Protective and impact-resistant packaging, paper of different quality and thickness, and bubble wrap are good helpers to prevent damage to fragile items.

For example, professional movers in Canada use protective covers to protect furniture. These materials are placed in special boxes that ensure the appropriate level of safety during transportation. Use plastic bags for a variety of garbage. Although the types of packing materials and packing activities are recommended by the moving company, it is recommended to reach a mutual agreement based on financial and time expectations.

Construction works when moving to Canada

Worried about finding someone to safely disassemble and assemble your various equipment and what you’ll have to pay for shipping costs? Make sure you have experienced professionals on your team who know what they are doing. Some moving companies offer professional installation services for various equipment, furniture, and other household appliances. The cost of delivery is determined based on the number of items being transported. Professional moving companies in Alberta can calculate the cost of services quite accurately. Many moving companies often have different types of vehicles, from small vans to trucks. It is important to choose the vehicle model you need, which is most suitable for the amount of luggage and the place of loading/unloading. Not all moving companies already have the necessary fleet. If you have doubts about the proposed moving solutions and calculations of the final price for the services, ask for clarification from the company representative and be guided by the positive reviews and history of the chosen moving company.

Proper organization of the move and what key things to do in advance

With a few clear tips, you will save not only time for moving but also precious nerves. Do a thorough inspection and remove any unnecessary items, fixtures, or furniture. Anything you no longer use can be sold or gifted to a friend or family member. So you don’t have to pay any unnecessary moving expenses. Set a moving date. Do not forget to estimate how many days you will need to organize the move. There may be traffic jams on working days. Therefore, postpone the selection until early morning or on weekends. It will not be superfluous to develop a detailed moving plan. Think about how you label your boxes (by room or content). It is advisable to sort everything out in advance so that you can easily find what you need on the first day in your new apartment in Calgary. Buy enough packing material: boxes, bags, foil, and tape. Pay attention to the contents of the box. It sounds very simple, but for some reason, few people follow this advice. There is always a catastrophic lack of time to prepare for this event, everything gets out of control. Therefore, it is not surprising that after a week many boxes have completely unexpected contents.