Supply Chain Serialization For Customer Engagement: Traceability Systems Update

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A renowned US-based traceability software developer announces an expansion of its consumer engagement tools for companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The latest launch from rfxcel underlines its position at the cutting edge of data gathering and tracking for suppliers, distributors, and retailers, harnessing the potential of technology to produce higher-quality products while building stronger customer relationships.

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rfxcel, which is part of the Antares Vision Group, details its proprietary end-to-end supply chain solution – the rfxcel Traceability System. This gives users in-depth, real-time insights from initial production to the point of sale and for every transaction along the supply continuum, supporting a two-way flow of data and information between partners and customers alike.

The foundational feature of the Traceability System is serialization, a method of assigning a unique digital identity to each product or consignment, allowing users to track and manage inventory from wherever they are in the world. As a cloud-based system, rfxcel enables simple and easy integration for both mobile and desktop devices.

This technology opens up a rich seam of data that both businesses and consumers can interact with, helping to forge stronger connections and combat counterfeit products in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Furthermore, rfxcel helps companies respond to the tightening of regulations and the proliferation of compliance directives. With automated reports sent directly to audit and/or regulatory systems across the globe, the software is transforming how efficiently business owners and suppliers meet their new obligations.

QR or 2D Data Matrix codes offer interactive virtual experiences to customers, enhancing their experience and promoting the brand. Each engagement can be hyper-personalized and targeted to broadcast specific information in specific locations. This also provides an opportunity for customers to give feedback, helping companies improve their products and services in the process.

The company points out that consumers today are thinking more deeply about the origins of the products they buy and actively seeking engagement with a brand beyond the point of sale. The rfxcel system meets this rising demand while helping businesses flourish.

A spokesperson says, “The purchase used to be the last part of your supply chain; now it’s the beginning of a new realm of possibilities. Every digital asset is an opportunity to connect your customers to your brand and put your products front and center in their lives.”

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